Colouracetam vs aniracetam would like varied effects that anyone has noticed; and which you think is better
Coluracetam is pretty cool because of it's color saturation effect, but I wonder if Aniracetam has better anxiolytic effects. I'm kinda torn between the two and like them both equally actually.
Colu makes stress so easy to deal with. Social anxieties are almost non-existent. But it does nothing in the way of motivating me to talk to people. And it gives me an unwarranted feeling of importance. Which is bad because It makes me feel smug and im totally not that kindof person.
Aniracetam and Coluracetam are different, there are many reviews on reddit about this. Starting with the most obvious effect, Aniracetam saturates colors greatly, Colur enhances contrast and details. I think Colur has a better mood enhancement or is at least more reliable. Aniracetam gives me wits and an ease to write. I prefer Coluracetam, if taken daily for a few months, you get a constant mood lifting.
Coluracetam is my favorite racetam, the anxiolytic and memory effects are very effective, aniracetam is more subtle but still effective
I've tested Coluracetam extensively, but haven't tried Aniracetam yet. Still, I feel no doubt Coluracetam would be the better of the two. It's excellent for writing, and I do notice some of my SAD symptoms diminishing. I'm not sure if I've noticed a memory effect, but note that I'm eidetic, so it's difficult to notice changes in this area.
By itself for the first month or so, with IDRA-21 and Coluracetam (switching off between the two) at a later point, this after taking a short break from PRL. I've experienced separate permanent effects from each of them, except nothing apparent with Coluracetam.

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