Is there anyone takes dexedrine and a SSRI together?
I am not sure whether the combination is safe.
I already have heart rate/tremor issues with the combo or SSRI itself. But, it seems like doctors have different opinions.. And, I know it is a pretty comolicated case..
Can you share your experiences if you take/took 
dexedrine with a SSRI or had Serotonin syndrome??
In an *uncomplicated* situation, people with narcolepsy very routinely can take an SSRI and Dexedrine together. But it sounds very clear that your particular body is having side effects that could be serious.

Every single body is different - and each of our bodies are so very complicated! What works for one person may not work for me, and vice versa.

I've also had experiences in which doctors had differing opinions about what meds were a good idea for me. I've learned to listen very carefully to their opinions, to ask questions, and to weigh their input very heavily.

But even more importantly, I pay attention to what's going on with my body. When I have side effects that are seriously affecting my body, emotions, and/or cognition - and I know that elevated heart rate can affect all three - my opinion on whether I can function best with or without that med is the most important.

For me, potentially life threatening side effects are a complete no go. I haven't experienced serotonin syndrome myself, but I've been in other situations in which medications have created side effects that put my particular body into truly dangerous situations. Once I understood how those situations had occurred, I have said absolutely NO to potentially recreating them.

I've found that even with very good doctors, I'm the best qualified person in the room to know how I'm functioning on a medication, and my entire history. It's ultimately my responsibility to use their input, and to decide whether their well-intentioned advice may not be taking into account the whole picture for my particular body.
I had Serotonin Syndrome , not good.

I think some people take both. I know I did when I had SS.

I say stay away from antidepressants if you take Xyrem or Stimulants. The 3 work differently on the brain and cause a conflict. I realize some people handle it just fine. I sure did not.
I take cipramil 10mg daily along with dexamphetamine 5mg 4-5 times a day... Infact the SSRI actually helps delay the onset of REM intrusions through the day, lessening EDS symptoms..

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