Topical DHEA - this nootropic sounds pretty amazing.
Anyone given it a go before? Please share your experience

This is an hormone not nootropic.
50mg is a lot if u are not old as fuck.
Enjoy agressivity, sexual urges and acnea.
Only good if dhea s levels are low. Mine are, and I am on pharm grade dhea.
Apparently its not a nootropic should be a hormone to be aware of. Naturally there's a balance between cortisol and DHEA, here in Denmark it's called the 'youngness hormone'. But sleep, exercise and good mental state can get your DHEA up, if your mental state etc. is bad, your DHEA level can get to your age +20. DHEA produces estrogen(mainly womens hormone) and testosterone(mainly mens hormone), testosterone is produced from cholesterol, that rises your blood pressure(can be bad), ie. you can eat more eggs when you have a good DHEA level.
DHEA mostly converts to estrogen. There are many other factors like LH to consider too. Males looking to improve hormone flow would do well to "inhibit aromatase". 7-keto DHEA is a lot safer, but really the best way to increase hormones is herbalism, diet, & physical activity.
dhea supplements are killer! you're so composed and confident of yourself. it's like having an mdma trip minus the euphoric tendencies. although the side effects can be quite clinical and also it's detrimental to few of your organs. but man o man i love it!
I've used it felt like having more testosterone, more energy, stamina, confidence, focus
DHEA does not shift your balance since it processes into both male and female hormones, so there is (theoretically) no risk of gynecomastia. I have used it sporadically, much better energy output from it than from caffeine (also makes me more sensitive to stimulants), but taking it longer than 3-5 days and I start to get short tempered and irritable. I think its the emotional effect of no longer putting up with the same level of shit that I normally do lol, not completely overwhelming but definitely significant.
been searching all over Europe when i was on vacation last year and Austria was the only one that had them without the need of prescription. anyways when i went out of it ive been hesitating to by some more cuz it is illegal in my country but it might slip through the customs. DHEA is for health and longviety, a multidimensional hormone that is EXTREMLEY important for your body, as it decreases by age 20. Your health and lifespan increases dramatically by using it, because the human body is not perfect, far from it
I'm taking both preg and dhea and I can say that I am seeing benefits from supplementation. increased energy, definite visible signs of improved skin tone and texture (pores have shrunk and almost gone, and taking on this healthy looking glow), it's boosted my quality of sleep. I slept 8.5 hours last night. i can't remember the last time I slept so soundly, even whwn supplementing glycine, tryptophan and ashwagandha. So I really don't know how to take this published study. I posted to see if i could get other peoples subjective views. As far as i'm concerned it does have antiaging benefits and possibly more. I've been using for about 3 weeks now and have seen the difference, as mentioned earlier particulalry in my skin.
Dhea is good as a transdermal for postmenopausal women.
In any case, I'm happy with my current regimen. Dhea seems to have curbed my appetite, i'm not eating as much and I have more energy during the day particularly in evening I noticed it on my bike rides home from work - power pedalling for 30 mins non stop. It's like i could go on and on. Loving it big time ;) Got myself a bench press and some dumbells at home, I'll be starting on them this week, just need to find a suitable time slot.
I used it and Progesterone. I use Pregnelone with DHEA during mornings and Progesterone in the evening for its awesome calming effects. Its awesome, my mind has woken up, I am 38, I feel like a teenager. My hair is getting thicker, the mental clarity is better than any Nootropic. at least in my case. Check out Ray Peats forum for info.
I tried it for a while and never noticed a damned thing, there are just too many of these things that are hyped up out of all proportion and in my humble opinion there are probably only about a dozen or so that make any difference.
Many people report no effects. It should upregulate neurogenesis but it's endogenous, only perhaps useful for the elderly and even then there are many superior choices for brain health.
Combine it with Uridine Monophosphate for a syngerstic effect!
Finding an aromatase inhibitor will improve your results, Damiana is what I have used with good success, just an alcohol based tincture taken before DHEA. Other than that, just make sure to take note of your irritability levels before and after, taking it more than a couple days in a row and everything annoys the fuck out of me.
I think it works, check your levels, if low take the stuff, I think it's helped me.
Probably works best if you are over 35. If you are under, then make sure to cycle off regularly, more than 3-5 days in a row (depending on your hormone levels) and imbalances might start to show as irritability/snappiness. Taking an aromatase inhibitor with it (like Damiana) will prevent most of the side effects that could come from too much estrogen.
DHEA - gives you confidence. Take it in the morning with food. 50 mg would do the work. .. Works for the energy levels, too. Great stuff.
10 mg of DHEA is not doing anything.
I figured.Im pretty sensitive to it.I also feel like one brand of DHEA differs wildly from the next.Anything above that or around 25+milligrms makes me break out aswell
Dhea worked for my dad but its not legal in canada so we dont ha e a steady supply. I think hes 2 shy for doctor even tho he has insurance
I took DHEA for 6 months with no noticeable effects.
Try tongkat ali. DHEA doesn't boost test much, some studies say 1% of the dose taken converts to free testosterone
4DHEA will help, DHEA as you called it is actually 5-DHEA and has a very low conversion rate. The first question that needs to be asked here is what is the suppression from if you are on a cycle of something you want a test base or 4DHEA. If you are coming off a cycle and need to recover clomid has the best clinical evidence.
Not really my field with DHEA, but I thought DHEA is a precursor to testosterone & DHT, which indicates it would be suppressive.

I read a study on rats specifically to support the reduction of suppression; The AD & RJ group had better results on all parameters such as not as low sperm count, testosterone levels & less damaged DNA

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