why do you use it?
my experience was at first pretty good but after time turned very bad, others on this group derive benefits from selegiline use. My experience may be a rare case but I personally will never touch it again, proceed with caution like everything else. The issue is it has a half life that can last up 30 days I believe for the enzyme to replace itself so do your due diligence especially if you are in the middle of the semester or have work requirements.
For me the there were many many benefits including; increased attention, attention longevity, increased focus, increased libido, increased motivation and drive (decreased time between thinking i need to do something and starting to do it, as well as improved rate of completion of any particular task). Most of the negatives appeared after 1mg-3mg dosing, 3-5x/week with a liquid sublingual preparation, Deprenyl. However I have had panicky, racing heart type episodes after acute high doses (5-10mg). Also, when using selegiline on a weekly basis for many weeks, I noticed an unpredictableness in the effects of recreational drugs. This is almost certainly due to it's MAO inhibition, which research has shown is specific to dopamine (and to a lesser extent norepinephrine) during acute or low (1mg/wk) dosing. This MAOI action, however, becomes non-specific (inhibits uptake of all neurotransmitters) at higher doses. As most of you are probably aware, MAO inhibiting compounds in the ayahuasca vine are what allows the tryptamines (DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, etc.) in the main admixture plant (chacruna) to become orally active. What's less talked about, even less understood, and in my opinion, much more fascinating, is the way in which any particular MAOI modulates the subjective experience of the tryptamine. It changes the character of the experience in a profound way (also my opinion). So, if we accept that an MAOI compound does indeed change the subjective experience of compound(s) ingested along with the MAOI (the ayahuasca effect), then what is the "ayahuasca effect" of drugs not traditionally mixed in these brews? This is a dangerous area to investigate in an underground manner, but how does selegiline use effect the pharmacodynamics of recreational drug use? I personally stopped my selegiline use (at least regular use), as the unpredictableness in effects, duration, and character of other drugs I was/am using was alarming to say the least.

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