I'd like the know peoples experiences with fasoracetam. Would a gaba upregulator help with anxiety? I know I should probably be taking it because I take phenibut a couple times a week. Also what dosages do y'all take ? Also where do y'all buy it at?
Actually I tried fasoracetam today, 10mg sublingual dose. Bought from ceretrophic.

At first I experienced some fatigue. However after that passed I feel that my mood improved, more energy and also motivation. Placebo? Maybe. Probably not though.
The effects of fasoracetam build fairly significantly over the first ten days or so then at a lesser rate for the next couple of months. Thus the effects you will notice on day ten should be more noticeable than on day one. I started at 20mg/day at ten days out that was a really good dose. Too much and it will make sleep difficult at night and for me it increases my sensitivity to pain. As time went on 20mg was too much and I cut back to 10mg, then eventually to 5mg and I have been stable at that dose for about ten months now. The calming effects also are more noticeable after a couple of weeks.
I'm on fasoracetam (my first racetam) and have been for about 6-7 days. WOW. this shit is amazing, I was so stimulated for the first few days without any sleep problems (I think I'm taking 25-50mg via small white scoop from powdercity) and the effects started morphing into a calm yet clear & motivating relaxation. After reading up on it I found out it is not GABA (B) antagonist but rather a MGluR2/3 modulator & possibly high-affinity choline uptake enhancer (HACU) like Coluracetam. This can increase the rate-limiting step in Choline synthesis, semi permanently! One thing I do not like is that MGluR 2/3 agonists have been shown to dull 5-HT2A agonist responses (psychedelic) and Dissociative NMDA antagonists effects (This I care less for, except Nitrous Oxide and Alcohol's effects on this receptor) BUT it is not clear if Fasoracetam is more of an agonist or antagonist, or simply part of both
The most truthful answer is: the best way to address anxiety is to resolve the core issue.

Anxiety can be triggered by certain chemicals that don't 'gel' very well with your particular brain physiology but there still has to be something to trigger in the first place.

If you address the core issue/s, nootropics in general will go way further for you in expanding your intelligence (which is what they're meant for).

Nootropics are not and never were for curbing or managing anxiety; they're for enhancing cognitive functioning such as memory, attention and creative thinking.

And as for an adverse reaction to any racetam, if you have a less than entirely beneficial reaction to something, that means it's not for you and you need to get off it asap before it potentially does lasting damage. I'll repeat this: racetams are not regulated. The point I'm making is that it is irresponsible for your own health to dismiss a very real side effect of anxiety - it is your body's way of saying 'this isn't good for me'. The correct way to respond is to cease taking that substance, not to try and compensate for it with another one.

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