-and some supplements-. 
Background: I've slept terribly since I was a baby. I went to all kinds of doctors, got two surgeries but nothing seemed to help. People didn't believe me and I was starting to doubt myself.
I went to a very expensive sleep study that confirmed what I already knew. I was too restless all night and got very little deep sleep. Still, no diagnosis.
January to February I woke like our friend Bugs Bunny here.
I got an Oüra ring to measure tendencies and find consistent improvements -or damages- to my sleep quality
and provide me with real data.
Turns out It wasn't "in my head". Most nights I had TWO OR THREE minutes of Deep Sleep. 40 minutes If I was lucky.
I had to sleep almost NINE HOURS to get SIX of poor quality. No wonder I was taking coffee all day.
Then I determined to fix it. Here's what worked for me:
- Fasoracetam 40 - 80 mg per day.
- Noopept: It increased the vividness of my dreams and my REM time.
- Cerebrolysin: Hands down the best Nootropic in my book. *Optional
- CBD oil 10-30 mg. This is the one seemed to make a HUGE difference. From the very first night my sleep jumped to n hour!
- Magnesium. Every night.
Finally I get deep sleep consistently. As you can see from the "after" screenshots I finally got more quality out of less sleep time.
Sometimes I don't feel as refreshed as Oüra says BUT I do notice the difference 10-15 minutes after waking up, and my energy is high all day long. 

I had problems too best for me is natural things. No blue screen 2 hrs before “bedtime” no stimulants all day, exercise before your day, no food at all 4 hrs before “bedtime”, warm 30-45 min bath in natural light, but the best single thing I did was wake up early by 30 mins a day and having routine everyday and workout


My own sleep stack is 50mg L-tetrahydropalmatine, CBD, american skullcap tincture and 25mg hydroxyzine (the real game changer for me). Once in a while if I really want to knock me out I add 200mg magnolia bark extract and 200mg oleamide. My sleep used to be garbage but I sleep like a baby with this stack. Anecdotally, our beloved cerebrolysin absolutely eradicates my ability to sleep. It's a shame because it's definitely one of the best true nootropics


 I so want an Oura ring. I have never slept well, it's ruined my life, and all doctors (along with most everyone else) simply goes on about sleep hygiene and acts like it's my fault. When that fails they try to delve into some type of anxiety, depression, or life issues I do not have. 

Unfortunately I'm already using most of what you listed and then some to minimal benefits. Aniracetam or coluracetam instead of fasoracetam and cbd isolates that so far no oil or isolate has had much effect on me at all. You have to quadruple that list for everything that I take or do to help with insomnia or that might be helping along with whatever other reason I take it.


 I take coluracetam in the morning and it wears off in about 2hrs but I sleep tons better later that night. Every time I think it's pointless to take I find myself not sleeping within a week of stopping it. Some things give me a ton of energy only to make me more relaxed 6hrs later. Some things make me feel relaxed and sleepy only to have me twice as restless in 2-3hrs. Then I have to give up on sleep early. Overall energizing things during the day provided I'm careful to avoid relying on only nervous system stimulation have more positive impact on my sleep than sedating things. 800mg of seroquel proved you can't sedate my insomnia away.

I haven't looked at salicylates but I notice nothing when taking aspirin. Anything on the food lists for salicylates that I've noticed symptoms from are due to fructose malabsorption. I do have signs of inflammation but aside from a couple relatively common things I don't really find that diet has that much impact on that specific problem. The inflammation is there all the same after months of any type of diet. I've tested numerous supplements with some success on GI and sinus inflammation and mostly eliminated the joint pain I had since I was a teenager. It's still most definitely a problem though and I know it can impact neurological issues and sleep. Getting a doctor to look at a bunch of vague inflammatory symptoms and connect it to anything like insomnia would just be a long, expensive headache.


I took Noopept before sleep last night, woke up feeling great and had a great sleep. I also take Magnesium BisGlyc. 

Funny thing this post popped up just today, I never take Noopept before sleep otherwise. 

Im usually depressed but today I woke up with a smile and took my son out for lunch in the woods. 

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