Anyone take gabapentin? What's your experience been, side effects, pros and cons?
Yes I take 400mg daily and it's been brilliant I haven't gained weight it's helped my leg pain and my anxiety has slightly improved I'm on other meds too of course xx
I have taken it for YEARS, so it is hard to remember. They just put my husband (who is suffering a pretty DEEP depression)on it about 6 months ago and he says he feels big improvement and I did not notice any side effects he had Hope it helps you out
I take 2400 mg of gaba a day and it is very noticeable when I'm getting close to med time - restless legs ... ugh !
Oh and I take gaba for back pain and for fibromyalgia
I dont believe in its use. I read a book years ago. There is no scientific proof it is for half the crap they use it for. Depression is an off lable use. So are things like triliptal tegratol topamax they are anti seizure meds may dr use as mood stablizer because it slows brain activity. But if we are depressed isnt our brain already slow? Now drs are using it for pain any where is the body. I dont want blood test all the time and i actually got sicker on several i listed. My gf go extreem headaches from it. The dr said it would help with them he actually had her on a leathal dose. So no I dont like it yes i tried it to. Then i read that book. No it didnt help. No i dont have mania. And its off lable use isnt proven....admin
I take it for the Restless legs, and it helps me sleep a little better. I've taken it for a few years now. And can tell a difference when I don't have it. Just got a new prescription yesterday. I try to take it about an he before bed. My mother takes it for neuropathy. Knocks her out.
I've taken Gabapentin for my Fibromyalgia and migraines. Works okay, just don't take it as much because it makes me high when it counter reacts with my other meds. I've taken it since 2010.
Well I get it I hate it the side effects (to me) are drooling the day after i still feel high,i feel heavy can't lift my legs while walking etc not for me
That "feeling" WILL go AWAY(unless used like once a week). Lyrica was much better for me but went away real quick too. Also Gabapentin made me brain dead after using for an extended period of time. I have a friend taking Gabapentin and he is always doing dumb stuff like locking his keys in the car, forgetting where he puts stuff.....the whole works.
Gabapentin will kill your verbal intelligence. Watch for word recall issues. You'll talk more but it won't be interesting or intelligent
I used gabapentin at the max dose of 3600mg/day for four months and did not experience this. I've been using Lyrica at 300mg/day for about two months and had some memory recall issues which I've been able to largely offset with 5mg of PRL-8-53.
Neurontin {gabapentin} has AWFUL withdrawal effects. I warn anyone and everyone that intends on taking it long-term. Short-term is OK. But I was put on Neurontin for nerve pain and was on it for years. When I decided I wanted a change, I didn't realize how much gabapentin had me by the balls! The withdrawal is just devistating.
Gabapentin for me might as well have been table salt for all the good it did. I had no side effects from it, even at the max dosage of 3600mg/day, unfortunately I also had little in the way of effects. Lyrica on the other hand has been working great for about three months now.
It used to be really enjoyable and anxiolytic for me. I'd take it recreationally and for anxiety and nerve pain. Then several weeks into consistent use, I began experience a really incapacitating rushing feeling. It was so uncomfortable and the effect on memory recall became so great, I sounded stupid speaking
I'm on 400 mg of it and I've been having more "brain zaps" during my sleep paralysis where it feels like I'm being shot with electricity starting in my brain going down my arms then legs repeatedly. I can't move during it and it hurts sooo bad.
I HATED it. Caused in credible paranoia. I'm talking to the point of checking the dishwasher for intruders. Then when weaning off I had horrible nausea and stomach cramps.
I take 300 mg's for pain along with other narcotics. The gabapentin does NOTHING for me. NOTHING. I really only take it so it doesn't look like I'm a druggie and I take stuff that's non narcotic. I'm not a druggie btw, I take my meds responsibly, but it's really sad how it is today when you are a chronic pain paitient and have to show you are not put into a pile of people who are addicts etc. But, anyway as I said it does nothing, nothing for the pain, no side effects whatsoever. Doesn't even help me with sleep.
I took it at a rather high dose for nerve damage and I didn't know it til I stopped it, but it was contributing to the EDS no matter what time I took it. It was also causing my sleep paralysis episodes to be harder to come out of
Im prescribed 600mg of gabapentin 3 times a day to help with chronic pain from a work injury. I took myself down to 300mg 3 times a day. Gabapentin helps with the pain but I feel no difference between 300mg & 600mg. Any lower dosage I go through withdrawal & the pain increases.
I'm also on a cocktail of other Rxs for other issues. So if I'm having side effects from something, I have no idea with Rx it is.

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