phenibut is now illegal in the uk...anyone have any advice on how to get it in? has anyone bought it in the US and shipped it over using a 3rd guessing its unlikely it'd get stopped through customs
if you drive your car, through the chunnel to France, pick it up, drive back... In other words, I am not familiar with how the EU works between member nations, here in the states if I drive say from Washington to Oregon, there are no searches involved so that makes it pretty difficult to stop someone getting something in another state where something is illegal when it's illegal in their home state. But if I go to Canada, they disassemble my car on the way back. (Funny that, Canada has never searched me or hassle me, it's always been my home country dickwads at the border making my life difficult).
I used to live in Canada and ordered bulk powder DHEA from the US. DHEA was and probably still is very illegal in Canada, but sold in convenience stores in the US. The guy I bought it from simply labeled it as creatine monohydrate, which I believe is legal everywhere. I ordered many products from this guy, a couple of packages were opened but only to check if the label on the product matched the declared product on the customs declaration. Nobody ever bothered to do chemical assays on 100grams of white powder which looks like creatine monohydrate and is labeled as creatine monohydrate.

All of the preceding arrangements were set up through telephone calls, not through email, obviously.
When people order stuff (research chemicals, specifically) from overseas and it gets seized by customs, you just get what's called a "love letter" letting you know that your order has been seized. As far as I know you don't get into trouble for ordering, only for exporting.

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