anyone know what happens to na selank amidate and semax if its not stored in a temp regulated bag? does it lose potency/become unstable?
Never ever hesitate to be honest.

I think I read earlier today that Selank amidate should be stored cool, in a refrigerator. I can't remember where I read it but apparently I found a decent source enough to do it and put it there, cus it's in the refrigerator right now lol
Just more food for thought. Both semax and selank are unstable in heat and should be refrigerated in a liquid form. In the powder form they are reported to be fairly stable.

So yes, if in a liquid form and not refrigerate there is potential for degredation of the compounds.

BUT... The part that doesn't get discussed is that the degredation products of semax and selank are both still active. So if it is not refrigerated it may degrade but that doesn't specifically mean it is bunk. From most research I've seen the compounds are only active for a matter maybe 5 minutes and then the breakdown products are what stay active for hours..

I'm not saying that leaving them in liquid solution in the heat is good, but it may not be as bad as everyone assumes.

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