Warning for anyone experimenting with Kava: if you are already taking a medication that interacts with the amount of GABA in your synapses (like Gabapentin or Lyrica) Kava might cause severe rebound anxiety. I experienced this myself after taking Kava with no problem for about a week. Now, I can't take kava AT ALL without experiencing anxiety. I thought I was alone on this until a good friend of mine expressed the same issues occurring for her. We know that kava interacts with GABA & so does Lyrica/Gabapentin (which we are both on). It is an educated guess, of course, but I wanted to throw it out there.
Kava is also an maob inhibitor and can potentiate things like stimulants quite a bit and cause significant distress. It even potentiated caffeine to uncomfortable levels for me.
Taking a GABA supplement actually doesn't do much to increase the amount of GABA in your synapses because it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier on its own (minuscule amounts do, but not enough to affect anything). Lyrica & Gabapentin are GABA agonists, potentiating the action of GABA, which is the inhibitory neurotransmitter.
he first (and only!) time I used Kava I was sick as a dog, and the next day the skin sloughed off an inch diameter circle on my chest. I have to admit I felt nice and calm but the sides were a little too heavy duty for me.
Gabapentin and lyrica are calcium channel blockers, not gabaergics. And they literally promote degradation of the brain by stopping the formation of synapses, thats probably why you feel like this
Kava causing anxiety is certainly not unheard of. A quick Google search comes up with plenty of anecdotal evidence of it. There are 17 known variants of each receptor site so if you give a substance to 17 people you can get 17 different reactions to it. If it interacts with more than one receptor site that number goes up exponentially.
It's not just kava. You're curious because you were addicted to one. You took kava and got depressed. You can't take opiates or benzos again once you get past paws.. You be thrown right back into depression. Just google, you'll learn more than me sending you an ncbi study.
I myself have had interaction between Muscimol (GABAa agonist) and Kava, and a friend had an interaction between Muscimol , Kava, and Valerian. Brain zaps... other GABAgerics to avoid *might be Mulungu , and Baical extract which is from Scullcap... I know this is off topic slightly but it might help others as well

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