Please share your reviews and experience of using L-Theanine
U gotta take it at 200-300mg several times a day for a few days and u really feel that relaxed calming feeling from it like nothing else.

Maybe its also genetics related. Some people don't feel much from L Theanine
Ill be experimenting with it more in about a week. I only used it briefly. I plan to stack it with oxi/phenylpiracetam so I will likely be able to appreciate the l-theanine more.
Here is my experience with L-theanine. Safest considering most gabaergics have tolerance buildup & addictive tendencies. Anything can be psychologically addictive, but in terms of the real definition 'addiction', l-theanine has no withdrawals, not as I know of or have noticed, and is actually healthy long-term as it increases BDNF & NGF from my experience.
Not sure but for me it somewhat loses its effects after some while, probably due to gaba receptor downregulation. It should be very synergic with fasoracetam (gaba-b upregulation) and remove potential jitters from its stimulating effects
If you use l-theanine green tea extract (camellia sinensis) you get even more benefits compared to the synthetic version
It improves sleep quality, that's for sure, but half life is 3 hours so the effecs should be gone within the time you wake up.
You should take l-theanine with stimulant-like compounds, prime example is caffeine, that's when you really notice it. Theanine on its own doesn't provide waaay too noticeable effects (not saying you don't) in people who don't struggle with anxiety, it's in combiation with stimulants it really shines, or if you megadose it lol
ive used theanine for years and oatstraw and bacopa and some others but im not a drinker so I dont find I notice explicitly GABAergic anomalies but I do enjoy it for its sleep most of all but for sleep i go for some GHB preferaably a double dose upfront. I am not into the tipsy dose as I am usually in it for the catatonic sleep dose. kratom doesnt do much for me and the only thing I get an alcohol like efffect from is GHB, but I also tend towards a larger dose to notice something the average person would. Even though I dont drink much , I prefer wines with food and used to work in bars. but never liked bear or much alcohol, could be due to some native american blood. what ever, I have seen a number of people with Kittling from GABA abuse and find they are hyper sensitive to all GABAergics.
Now it seems like theanine may be the gentlest support for gaba to be found. I shall check it out further

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