What is the legit website to buy modafinil in the USA?

USA customer here. Reporting on my experience with Sunmodalert website. Got my order yesterday after a quick delivery from India. The Modalert (Modafinil) was easy to find and buy on the site. My emails got a quick and helpful response. I tried out this site after using a different one for a few years. I decided to test SunModalert due to the shipments from the other place getting slow, sometimes I had to wait two months! I also had problems with orders getting stuck at customs or lost. The other site’s service also went downhill and they took ages to respond to enquiries. What was worse is that they only took wire transfers which are a slow and troublesome way to pay. Sun Modalert has none of those problem so I’m happy with them. Their customer service is fast and there are several payment options, but best of all are the quick delivery times. I only had to wait 8 days for my first order of Adrafinil and I’ll most certainly be using Sun for all my future orders. Amazing company!


I ordered Modafinil online for the first time ever from NeoModafinil and I’ve got to say, it’s the only way to go! I discovered this company after doing less than an hour’s worth of internet searching and reading. Reports suggested they were legit site so I took a chance on them.

I actually intended to order from another company at first but there was a problem with processing my payment. I have a debit card from PayPal Business but for whatever reason I couldn’t use that to buy Modafinil, despite it being fully charged up. It all worked out for the best though, as I’m really happy with Neo Modafinil.

My order came through seamlessly and really quickly, considering it ships all the way from India to my location (New York City). Not only was the shipping fast but it was free! Really can’t fault it.

I ordered last on a Thursday evening and the confirmation of the order was emailed to me really quickly, I’d say it took less than five minutes. On Tuesday I got the alert in my email that my order had been shipped, along with the tracking number and link to all the information on using the tracking feature.

I tracked the package probably about three times a day. At the time, there was a warning on the site which told me to expect a two to four day delay on all tracking updates. The site assured me that my order would be shipped normally but the updates might not properly reflect this. It was on Wednesday, one day after I got the tracking number and shipping alert, that the package came to my door. Unfortunately I wasn’t home at the time (midday) to sign for it, so I had to collect it from the post office next morning (Thursday).

So all told, it took me seven days to get my order but it would have been just six days if I’d been at home for the delivery. It is really the best place to buy modafinil in the USA.

The Modafinil itself was everything I was expecting. Really top notch stuff. I was very impressed with neo modafinil site, especially their speedy delivery times, so I recommend them to all my friends and to everyone online thinking of trying them out!


to: Brock53: OK, so I had never order from Sunmodalert before. After reading your review I decided to try them out. I’m still waiting on my delivery, which was ordered 8 days ago. My payment was processed 4 days ago but I still haven’t gotten any email with my tracking number. Not great!

I went onto their site in the wee hours and very quickly got hooked up via the live chat with a customer service representative. I gave the rep my order number and said I was worried about the shipping delay and lack of a tracking number. The rep gave me my tracking number and informed me that my package was en route. The rep was patient enough to answer my further follow-up questions, like what company would be delivering the package on my side, whether I’d need to sign for it, if they’d deliver it in my mailbox and so on.

The rep also told me that delivery could take up to 30 business days in the event it was held up by customs. This was the first time I’d heard of such a long delay being possible. Everything I’d read said 2 weeks max… Here’s hoping I’ll get mine within that time. Have you ever experienced this?

Despite the email problem, I have to say that I’m satisfied for now after the rep answered all my questions and concerns. I hope I’ll be equally satisfied with the quality of the product once it arrives.

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