Anyone stacked LSD (microdose) with Modafinil?
i've read good reports about it
Much prefer racetams with it I feel like it cleans up the microdose to be more productive while maintaining the creativity, and with at least flmodafinil, I felt it cleaned up the jawclenching sign of excitotoxicity
not for a MD but done regular doses(100-400μg) on adrafinil a few times. Never dosed the two at the same time. L overpowered the adrafinil of course so I can't say much lol. In other news, tianeptine (12-40mg) mixed with psilocybin/psilocin MD(100-350mg dried penis envy) is pretty fucking rad.
I have done it. It's not effective at all, because the Modafinil cancels out the effects of LSD. At a standalone micro-dose, you will feel really calm and present, without stimulation. With Modafinil, you just feel stimulated and don't get the micro-dose benefits.

I've tried that with multiple doses of Moda: 50mg, 100mg and 150mg, and I did not like the outcome of any of the experiences when paired with LSD.

Personally if I'm having LSD, I will have it with other calming compounds like Theanine and Mucuna. Soon I am going to add Cocamine to that mix.

But, that's but my individual experience, and I can't speak on behalf of everyone.

I hope that helps.
I've dropped 200ug 1p-LSD and 200mg Modafinil last Friday,
effects are a lot clearer headspace, a massive increase in focus and detail perception in both hearing and visuals.
listing to music was insane to the point I could understand every single lyric (I have autistic spectrum & ADHD *selective hearing)

some radio adverts were very descriptive to the point I was paying attention to their T&C bit and one guy sounded a bit Retarded as in his speaking was slow like he's talking to special needs kids.

I Wanted to test if my mental clarity was really working a lot faster, i started playing Quake Champions (i got beta access) The game was fast paced and i was maintaining a high Kill to death ratio and part of me was confused because i'm normally very Slow at reflex games in my old age but it felt very easy to me i also suffer from restless leg and that was gone too.

overall it felt like a NZT trip this time, last time i had a lot of focus was on only 1p-LSD but it was nowhere near as sober and clear as this time.

Honestly I'm gonna try again this Friday and hope it's not a fluke because i want to play that good again :3

My opinion is that you could have already very good results just microdosing 1p-lsd.Sunifiram ,eventhough is quite good has a risk of forming cancerous cells,if I recall correctly.Noopept is good too,but I will try always to keep the complexity of stacking to a certain minimum since you could never predict the interaction of the compounds even if in theory could be safe.


I've only properly read up on microdosing among those, besides the nicotine, and I'd say as long as you don't intend to use them every day, it's fine. Microdosing works best really when it's spread out so the tolerance is nill, and nicotine is kind of shitty too and you don't want to go down that line if you aren't already a smoker IMO. Try to replace it with something else if possible


LSD is plenty stimulating as it is. But modafinil could have a tuning effect on your thought process and remove some of the excess information. Psychedelics open your perception while most stimulants narrow them (we give lab grade speed to kids with wandering minds)


I dosed 300mg adrafinil then another 100ish. Im a little over stimulated now but not bad. With a MD of lsd it might be too much.


Microdosing lsd is sub perceptive btw idk why ppl are saying itll necessarily negatively impact its known for being used for focus and neurogenesis.

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