Does anybody know anything about the mechanism of action of Semax?
Semax is a neuropetide that is a positive modulator for NMDA receptors and increases activity in the Limbic system and Reticular formation (controls alertness and focus). Also seems to dramatically increase NGF and BDNF
I took 1 drop (500mcg) a little over 3 hours ago at 10:50am EST. So far so good. No unpleasant side effects. I have been up since 3:30am and don't have any feelings of sleepiness or what I call "afternoon fogginess." I'm not sure on this, but it seems like I'm seeing things a little crisper/clearer despite not having washed my glasses since yesterday morning. :) I don't have to go to work tomorrow so I think a good test will be how well I can concentrate when it gets to around the 12 hour mark since I've taken the Semax. I may even try one more drop in another hour or so.
According to awakebrain / reddit they are saying that during periods of high emotional, physical, or mental stress that someone could use 900mcg per day(3 drops per nostril 3 times per day of the .1% solution-6 50mcg drops @ 3 times per day=900mcg). If it wasn't so expensive, I'd think about trying 3 drops spread out during the day which would be 1500mcg. With shipping it cost $114.49. I recently found I can get it on Ebay for $95 shipped but that still a bit pricey.
So is this like better than any other nootropic out there? I'm wondering if you can get smarter from the mechanisms it can stimulate or maybe that it's bad in the long term because of so much stimulation for each of its benefits.
I heard Cerebrolyn is the best nootropic money can buy, should be taken 2.5ml Intramuscular for 30 days, so that would be like 150euros for a complete trial still 50e for 10 x 5ml to give it a go. Its a pretty hardcore nootropic but seems the gains outweight totally the effort/money.
I've looked into Cerebrolyn and it looks pretty awesome. I'm just not sure I'm ready to get into injecting myself. I should probably start a separate thread, but I have an update on Semax 1%, see my reddit review. This morning, I took 2 drops at just after 5:00am along with 200mg of Armodafinil. Then around 7:30am I had a cup of coffee with French Vanilla creamer and another cup around 9:15am. Focus was great and I was able to do some reading despite my wife having the TV on in the same room. I was even able to take a short (1 hourish) nap around 2:00pm; not because I was tired but more of a Sunday afternoon tradition for me. I think I'll try Modafinil tomorrow when I go to work.
Semax works by modulating receptors in the Limbic Reticular complex and for the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, adenosine, histamine and others. It also activates NDMA receptors for glutamate in the central and peripheral nervous system and enhances energy metabolism in your neurons. Additionally, Semax increases synthesis of neurotrophins, proteins and biosubstrates to protect and repair neurons while also reducing inflammation.
The Semax did seem to provide more focus. I ended up taking 1 drop per nostril twice a day. I also took either Modafinil or Armodafinil (for staying awake) as I found that great focus didn't do a whole lot of good if you fall asleep. The Semax did quite well by itself but I noticed that with 20mg of Sunfiram I could read with the evening news on the TV in the background without being distracted.

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