Anyone ever mega overdose ritalin or focalin? lol I took like 80 or 90 mg with hella grabs pectin and I tried to sleep but I needed cigs and my dad kept talking to the dog and it invaded my dreams and woke me up
do u think illvei3 ? I'll die? I got took .4mg clonidine
I never thought to try and I've died once accidentally from somas but overdoing Ritalin by that much always seemed a little over the top to me. ;)
I used to take 120mg of Ritalin up the nose every other night. My heart is probably more than a little fucked, but amphetamines are actually pretty safe in overdose situations. Dunno how that translates to methylphenidate, since the method of action is basically inverted, but since the side effects are similar, I'd imagine that you'll be okay, I recommend to visit reddit for additional information. Of course, not a doctor, your mileage may vary, yada yada yada.
Damn bro. Idk how the methylphenidate interacts with the gabapentin but you might be alright because of the clonidine. This is a pure ask your doctor moment
Why did you do that?
If you need to sleep you should have some benzos to sort you out. IMO it's essential with powerful stims to at least have them. Then again you like to take these things to excess so I guess there's a good risk you'll be one of those who end up blacking out for 3 days and find out you've ate handfuls of them
focalins i mostly always blow through because its like coke and my dose is so low, 20mg a day. i usually on average take 60mg a day , my doc only gave me 6 days worth of pills i gotta ask for dose increase or other med
I've taken way more ritalin than that.
Unless you have a heart condition, you'll be fine.
You'll just be up & anxious for a while.

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