Anyone had good luck with melatonin or herbal type sleep aids? I'm interested in people's experiences, both positives and negative. My nine year old seems to fall asleep and sleep *more* soundly with melatonin that's got chamomile and passion flower extract, but wakes more with straight melatonin. We're pretty new to narcolepsy and still trying to figure out what works for her, so any info is really appreciated. :)
Melatonin actually made me feel jittery / hyper. Didn't work for me. I'm currently trying out Baclofen but haven't been on it long enough to know if it's helping. I definitely sleep harder, but I haven't noticed any benefit during the day yet. But it's only been a couple of days.
Melatonin helps me fall asleep but I always wake up and STAY up from 2-5am. Then I can get up for work at 6:30
I LOVE melatonin. I take 6mgs when I go to sleep and can not sleep without it (found that out when our country had a recall on all melatonin this year). It takes a good month to get optimum results. Works great for some people but not for others, watch reddit reviews. Worth a try
I had taken melatonin a few times in high school before my narcolepsy set in and never had any issues. After my narcolepsy set in and I was newly diagnosed I tried taking it to see if it would help. It gave me horrible sleep paralysis going to sleep which I had never had before. I only got it upon waking. It also causes nightmares and hallucinations. Personally melatonin was the worst thing I've ever tried or experienced when looking for ways to help improve my condition.
My 8 yr old sleeps well with 1mg of liquid melatonin about 30 min before bedtime. She has been on it for about 3 yrs now but her dose was only 1/2mg when she first started taking it due to her size back then. She has sleep apnea and N so she is hard to wake up in the morning and is still sleepy during the day but she also doesn't use any daytime meds. If for some reason she misses her melatonin at night then she can't go to school the next day because her symptoms are too severe after a restless night. She also likes essential oils in her diffuser, her favorite bedtime blend is 'Peaceful Sleep' and daytime blend is 'Smiles for Miles'. I get all of her products from the 'Now' brand at our local natural grocery store and they are also available online. I would also like to add that melatonin worked for me in the past and after years of using it, it stopped helping. I'm now on Xyrem.

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