MOCLOBEMIDE and racetams. Any experiences, recommendations, precautions to share? Thanks! :)
Piracetam for me at the end of maybe 2 months it gaves me some problems of brain fog and short term memories problems. I think i have to take it maximum 1 month.
My experience its using moclobemide along with piracetam and or phenylpiracetam(racetams).I like the sinergy.
Precautions : start slow with moclobemide:75/150 mg ed for 5 days. Increase 75/150 mg e5d if necessáry.(safe profile its 600 mg ed maximium).For sensitive people its possible to feel one mild insonia during the first five days(this can be fixed by using melatonin/if necessáry).


I got in touch with 86 people using moclobemide ALONE to treat social phobia , depression and Obsessive compulsive disorder).


Most effective dose for depression/ start at : 150 mg ed (this is a very low dose!!).

Most effective dose for ocd /start at :300 md ed(not bad).

Most effective dose for social phobia: the number goes Higher here: /450 mg ed.

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