I am currently taking Modafinil, stacked with Bulletproof coffee in the mornings and this works wonders for me. I have been looking to add a nootropic stack to that (preferably a pre-made stack) and have tried quite a few products but really didn't feel much if any effects. What are your favorite stacks? Looking for some insights/recommendations. Fairly new to the nootropics game, so still plenty of learning left to do.
There's more to nootropics than just stimulant derivatives and the like.

Here are some other components for longer term gains in cognitive performance (rather than the immediate, shorter term gains conferred by synthetic nootropics):

1) Green tea - yes, in addition to coffee, bulletproof or otherwise - for improved cerebral circulation
2) Pycnogenol + CoQ10 - for improved cerebral circulation and mitochondrial functioning
3) Gotu Kola tea - in the evenings, for improved memory and improved sleep quality
4) L-Arginine - post workout and at breakfast time, for stimulating release of growth hormone (useful for neurogenesis, or growing new neurons and synapses)
5) Rhodiola - for memory
6) Spirulina - rich in vitamins not typically found in high concentrations elsewhere in whole foods
7) Coconut oil supplementation - usual amount for brain health is one to two tablespoons per day, taken raw
8) not really part of a stack per se, but...dual n-back brain training combined with either a sport, learning an instrument or something like yoga

NOTE: I don't know whether you or how many other group members here are aware, but Modafinil is officially prescribed for narcolepsy to address the chronic fatigue it effectively results in. Whilst I've read of people not with narcolepsy experiencing some extraordinary gains from Modafinil, those gains are unlikely to be lasting gains (I avoid using word 'permanent' not just because I philosophically don't believe anything is permanent but also because neuroplasticity is by definition the consequence of physiological impermanence).

Since it is reasonable to assume you would wny to be improving your cognitive performance with consistent and lasting gains in mind, I thought it would be relevant to include some basics on bio hacking for cognitive gains, such as botannical nootropics and the most (clinically trialled) effective brain training I know of.
At one time I had some ADDish symptoms, basically was unable to focus on anything, and was prescribed Modafinal and later Ritalin for these things. Modafinal was ineffective for me, Ritalin helped but It became increasingly ineffective. I dropped it and worked on exercising my brain, dual-N-back was one form of exercised I used, the other was reading, mostly fiction but just material that required some degree of focus to pick up the story line.
Over time I improved considerably over baseline both in terms of how many layers of dual-N-back I could do reliably and also in terms of my ability to stay focused in general. Then I started trying various nootropics, and aside from this one area I was a high performer to start with which is where nootropics are the most challenging to get any help from. I tried many racetams, and for me fasoracetam was by far the most helpful in terms of general clarity and focus, and unlike modafinal and Ritalin, overtime I became more sensitive to it, to the point where i started at 20mg/day and over time tapered down to 5mg/day and have settled at that dosage. I occasionally add 5mg of PRL-8-53 when I've got some particularly intensive learning I need to do. I also take Piracetam, 1600-2400mg/day for tinnitus. I find 1600mg is usually enough but occasionally it will start to creep in again then I bump to 2400mg for a short while. Of course I've had to divert some of these from my rats diet. Trying for an Algernon that doesn't die. Wonder why in fiction any gains in mental performance always are short term eventually leading to death? Anyway, stimulants really were not helpful for me.

Sometimes making 'bulletproof' style coffee doesn't give me the level of boost I need in the AM. I experimented with dissolving 50mg Provigil (Modafinil) into a cup (my cup is 1.5 normal cups) with the butter and mct oil (I use coconut) before blending. The coffee seems to deliver it really well and it gives me the added boost I'm looking for. This is not something I'd do on any regular basis, only as needed. YMMV

Note: if you haven't tried blending this kind of coffee, it is a must. It works WAY better than stirring it up, and the delivery is definitely enhanced. You also don't have to keep stirring it and the texture/consistency is like a Starbuck's latte.


A number of 'tricks': 

1) The most important relationship, my relationship with myself, is solid AF. I have an enormous amount of self love, great satisfaction from my work and hobbies and I truly love my life and excited about everything I do. 

2) Bulletproof coffee w/ L-Theanine. Love. That. Shit. It's delicious, it makes me happy and gives me long lasting energy.

3) 5-HTP

4) 1/4-1/2 Modafinil. Praised by master life-hacker, Dave Aspray, I've been experimenting with it for some time. I usually don't take it more than once a week, when I have a 'get shit done' kind of day. Today is that kind of day. It's helpful for getting over emotional funk because other than helping to increase productivity and focus, it makes me a bit indifferent to my emotional state of being, allowing me to focus on the tasks at hand. Makes me wonder if this 'smart drug' has ever been used to treat depression... I think it might work really well, at least for some people


Don't take it with coffee. Mine has a warning on it not to take with caffeine. My doctor told me it makes it less effective and therefore not work. I thought I was posting it by taking it with coffee. Sure it makes u awake but a while later the effects wear off.

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