New to modafinil, two weeks in and I've started using choline and l-theanine because of an overwhelming edgy feeling. It's not bad but makes conversation hard. Any suggestions? My job (real estate) requires about 3 hours a day of talking, so conversation is a must.
Many have success with the combo of modafanil plus phenibut, then all the requisite warnings about addiction, overuse, and withdrawal. I don't have an addictive personality at all but phenibut scares me because it just makes me too cloudy. But I may not be taking enough choline with it or something. Would like to try 2 grams, but worried it'll just foggily knock me out
Try a quarter or half of modafinil instead full dose. And phenibut is awsome for convo n edginess. Just stack it w fasoracetam and choline or A-GPC and take every other day. The fasoracetam will help prevent tolerance from the phenibut and you need a choline source to go w the racetam. It's not too much of a stack. Just take the phenibut and about 4 hrs after that, take the fasoracetam, and then take the choline source if u experience headaches from the racetam.
I use gabapentin to take off the edge but I know that is RX only. Works like a charm though. I only use it like once or twice a week though. And I use Adrafinil, not modafinil.
You might be over doing the modafinil dose I take a half dose anything over that makes it awkward to talk to customers I take 100mg of modafinil instead of 200mg and 75mg of Armodafinil instead of 150mg
Take the choline out. Up your theanine dose. Lower your Modafinil dose.

More acetylcholine (a very stimulatory neurotransmitter) might not be your friend right here.

Modafinil is extremely stimulatory, thus the recommendation to lower the dosage.

A bit more theanine should help facilitate alpha brain wave functioning (a particularly calm electrical frequency in the brain).

Start there I'd first assert.
I took several thing to get rid of the between the shoulder blades tension, one of them finally worked. But I believe L-theanine isn't as effective with Modafinil like it is worth caff. I probably took 400mg L-theanine yesterday with no help.

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