I'm supposed to get a flu shot for work. I've always attempted to avoid getting them. I was diagnosed in August and I'm on modafinil and Ritalin. I just read to talk to dr before getting the shot if you have any neurological disorder. Do y'all know possibilities? I'm sure the reward outweighs the risk, but I'd rather know if y'all know anything or have experiences before I fight it. (And I'm not talking about it having caused N)
Kat Marie
This isn't going to answer your question because I refuse to get the flu shot; but are you prescribed armodafinil and Ritalin by the same Doctor? I've been asking my doctor for a combination of Modafinil and adderall, which he refuses and says its "too much stimulant."
I don't want to tell him that I've regularly taken the combination and that it works the best out of everything I've ever been on.
I got the flu shot for the first time ever a few years ago after the MA badgered me and badgered me to get it
and I kept saying no because I've never had the flu.
I finally gave in and let her give it to me and 3 days later my Rheumatoid Arthritis came bursting out of remission after a year and hit me like a freight train! I've had flare up after flare up ever since. So my doctor put it on my drug allergies list.
I don't want to advise you one way or the other but that was my experience with it, and for someone who never even had the flu once in my entire life....to be vaccinated against a possible flu that year did way more harm than good. Now with these continuous flares of my RA and my fibromyalgia I am facing operations on both my feet that (who knows) may have been avoided or at least not necessary so soon, had I not gotten it and those two autoimmune disorders stayed in remission longer.
If you've had issues with the flu before, it can be very serious and the flu shot is a really great idea. But for me it was a terrible decision and I wish I'd never let her talk me into it!
I have it every year without fail. Like Susan said it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu but instead it aims to protect you from things like dying from the flu or needing hospitalisation.

It is really important when you are immune deficient to get the flu shot. I have never had any reaction to it (and I get reactions to everything).

I think that you should talk to your Dr about it and if it is right for you.
Not a chance in the world I'd get a flu shot. Of all of the available immunizations it is the least effective. There is a ton of info out there (though you do have to weed through the stuff based on emotions and not facts). I work too hard to be healthy to inject a guess (Yes, it's based in the 2 best guesses for this year's strain) into my body. I got H1N1 and I'm immune for life now. Those who got the shot aren't.
There is new info that serial flu shots weaken the body's ability to fight off the flu.
Taking vitamin D lowers you risk of flu too.
Obviously everyone is affected differently. There will always be the great flu debate. It does not harm me. It makes me feel a little yucky, but not sick or anything. It's a dormant strain so your body will work to fight against it. It's predicted as far as what strain may hit us the worst. I have to have it at my job or wear a mask which is totally acceptable. When you work with a large group of population, especially elderly or people with auto immune disorders they have more issues fighting off those illnesses so it not only protects me but also protects my patients.
no doctor will tell you not to get a flu shot or any vaccine in that matter. you need to follow your own judgment vaccine is simply triggering your immune system to recognize the microbe .. if your ammune system is already messed up and have an autoimmune disorder it makes sense not to mess up with it unless it's a life threatening. second medical researched are not based on few indecent it's all about numbers and statistics and what can be proved and doctors will back up anything until it's proved else way ...
personally I traveled to 5 cities in China last year with out vaccinating toke lots of supplements to boost my immune system and I take am IV of supplements as well
I don't get the flu shot because I've had side effects every time I did and haven't gotten the flu any of the times I didn't. So for me it's a guarantee of being sick a full day or the slim chance of being sick longer.
I used to get the flu shot every year as I have diabetes. Since going gluten free and becoming vegan I haven't had a cold - thats in two years. My wife hasn't either. We've come into contact with it and occasionally get some very mild symptoms for a few hours, but it never develops into anything. Previously, we would come down with it every few months, even with the flu jab.

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