Any experienced users with modafanil? I have to back to back exams coming up and I think I may need to use it.

So any advice to make the best use of it (dosage/timings) while also keeping anxiety to a minimum/none at all (as it is a possible side effect I think)?

How well does modafanil stack with other Noots (racetams etc)?

I use it and like it but it may not be a good idea to try it first time out with back to back tests. May work great.....but may not. Often phenibut to take the edge off, but I'm old- I don't use it to take tests or study really. Sometimes green tea, choline. Nothing special.

First time out is a little risky. Only you can decide if it's worth it I suppose. Should stick to a lower dose, depending on weight. 50. Max 100 mg is unsolicited advice
Agree with the test first advice. I've had good results adding L Theanine and piracetam. The theanine takes some of the "edginess" off and the piracetam's effects seem more pronounced.
try low dose first and then increase dose if needed and it help me when i just open book and take it , if take it and do other things like fb or other stuff it,s not give that much focus and i tried it with piracetam + choline + 50 mg moda
I've used it many times, so lets say this is a very experienced long term user stack. 200 mg moda with 100mg caffeine 200 mg l theanine and 750 mg centrophenoxine.
Yeah what I think is interesting about modafinil is that it's been said to even improve memory but given that it is in fact a wakefulness medication for narcolepsy, then does that mean any improvements in memory must indicate a previously severe mental fatigue? Yet it's interesting also that it affects decision making - how would that happen if it's only for inducing wakefulness.

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