Modafinil vs Evo-thoughts?

Evo is just another noot Mix advertisement. I have never tried it but have tried Modafinil.  I'm an author who basically hates writing, and Modafinil is a great solution (man, I am super-fast and much more focused, creative, and accurate). I get Vigicer (which is Provigil, rebranded for Latam). Upside: it really hits the spot. 200mg around 0830 runs right through to bed time, and I feel it (nicely) all day. But if I don't have a work-plan (set up the night before) it's highly tangential! I love going for amorning workout on Mod days; feel really powerful and work a lot harder in the gym (I'm 58 BTW). I've also had a couple of big beer evenings on Mod days, with no apparent issue, except the next day I can't remember much of what happened in the pub, so I don't mix the two any more. Downside; tinnitus (quite common I understand) which takes 36-48 hours to subside, and mild headaches sometimes. I do find, although the buzz subsides by the next day, the motivation thing still works pretty well. I rarely dose more than 2 days consecutively, and usually take two or three days break between, or it all gets a bit too intense. 3 days seems to be an effective reset. All in all; shit just gets done.


Never tried Evo but sure Modafinil is the boss. Dosed 400mg Modafinil sun pharma   after my last usage of 1pill 2 weeks back.

It's 2pm here now & feeling productively active since 730am. Read many articles, tutorials on WordPress, watched a few now instructional videos, been to the gym & started with the Stronglifts 5x5 program & now on my way to college for surgery class. 

Oh, how I wish this 'wide awake & all engines @full thrust' feeling could be achievable everyday without it! ...

Having a goal & a burning desire to achieve it at any cost helps a lot too towards feeling productive but add Moda to it & it's just WOW! 


Haven't tried Evo yet but the ingredients look legit. I might try it. vs Modafinil...I have been using this almost everyday for about two months. I'm 47. It took several weeks to get up to 300mg. My body told me I needed a slow build up. It has helped me stay more awake and a bit more alert or dare i say, focused. Imo about a 20% increase. I have noticed I only see any improvement when I'm well rested with about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And, when I'm up and active or engaged. I am still trying to push myself to see if this is actually helping me or not.


The Evo website is gone, no more listings for purchase, and little more than a few back end google results are left about this product.

After some digging the product has been relabeled., TRYEVO has been disabled, and refers to an overseas call center, geniux, quite fishy. I wonder if they were sued or decided to change the product after other reports? There are no news articles about this or any lawsuits I could find.Scam??


 It's full of underdosed ingredients, and the owner is a scammer

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