Modafinil vs Optimind. Which one is overall better and why (for focusing, studying, working, reading, concentration, etc)?

I'm not 100% certain but I'm 100% sure  that I have seen somewhere in here that blended or pre stacked stuff like optimized and neuro peak have worthless fillers in them, and you could spend less on buying the ingredients in them instead of buying it like that. And as I said I'm 200% not sure about that. I just gave a bunch of powders to a friend of mine who is into noots and all of them are working great for him. I remember the first couple of weeks on modafinil (bought from Neomodafinil that is the only really positive experience i have had.


 I've tried Optimind. You don't really notice anything. I guess you would have to take it for a while and then test your short term and long term memory as well as your spatial reasoning skills to see if it has a demonstrable effect. Modafinil...I think it works well but not much of an energy boost(slight) but more of an antifatigue effect on neuro stuff.


Optimind and other nootropic stacks didn't do much for me. Modafinil works very well but 200mg off the bat is too much. Start 50mg for two days then try 100mg. You will probably be satisfied there. Sometimes I experience tension headaches and my allergies are worse due to the histamine reaction. Otherwise very helpful and motivating.


Hi there, college graduate student here. I have my qualifications exam coming up (7.5 hours of test. Yikes!) I've tried optimind before and liked it, but I didn't like piracetam. I'm thinking about building my own stack, optimized for focus, learning, and memory (I have a very poor memory). That being said I am under threat of drug testing, so I want to make sure not to take anything that might show up.


Little effect for the price. I would go with Brian Elevate from Now


I tried the optimind sample but didn't finish all of them. They kind of worked for me but I think it was the placebo


I got pretty good results from optimind however modafinil doing the best for my fatique. I’m currently taking Adrafinil now, which is a Modafinil precursor. I used to take Modafinil but with some hiccups in my insurance I have been using the Adrafinil lately. Adrafinil is similar and metabolizes into Modafinil in the body, so if you’ve taken Modafinil your advice will be equally helpful. The Adrafinil/Modafinil is very helpful but I’m deathly afraid of building a tolerance to it and my normal dose becoming ineffective. Last time I took Modafinil I had to continually boost my dose to keep up with my changing brain chemistry. I have severe ADHD and getting basically anything done without it is nearly impossible for me. Without it I lose focus, get lazy, forgetful, unmotivated, distracted. The Modafinil is very much a lifesaver. I’ve heard that if you take the minimum effective dose you can mitigate this effect. In other words, you take enough for it to work, but not enough for you to feel speedy. This, apparently will keep your tolerance t a minimum. I’m not a fan of taking “Vacations” as work needs to be done on the weekends as well. Maybe optimind could be a vacation alternative but modafinil is definitely the one I stick with.


I've tried optimind. It's like coffee. It's not bad but it doesn't even compare to making your own stack. I went through the sample then decided to get something better. I don't see any reason why it would be contraindicated for Zoloft but I'm not a doctor


It's a typical run of the mill stack with all the usual suspects. I'm sure it'll do you well, depending on your brain chem. But there are better commercial nootropic stacks out there. More unique and targeted ones anyway. Hope that helps!


Today is my first day trying Optimind and.. Yes. It works. Not like in limitless obviously, but if I had to describe it, it's a realistic version. My intelligence now shows, tiredness will not hold me back and I have the energy to carry out on what I'm motivated to do, and I highly recommend Optimind for getting shit done; right. Never tried Modafinil, will look thhrough it.


Modafinil was good for me. Concerning nootropics mixes from advertisements I would suggest none have positive experience.. it's waste of money. Instead buy a few noots separately and make your own stack according to what works for you and what you need.. you will have to experiment a little bit to find the best noots for you but once you find it will be much better..

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