Modafinil vs Qualia, which is better?

Never tried Qualia. Heard it's just a mix of noots/ I take armodafinil, but I took modafinil for many years. Sure didn't notice being smarter, but no ill side effects and it does give a lot of focus and concentration. To me, the difference between armodafinil and modafinil is that armoseems stronger more potent and they claim it has less side effects. But once again it hasn't been around as long so I don't think long term studies have been conducted. I never tried origina Provigil and Nuvigil but generic versions Modalert and Waklert by Sun Pharma I was writing about works very well.


 there are waaay too many ingredients in Qualia. The intention is good as every single dosis is more or less accurate, unlike other similar products that come laughably underdosed. However, cognitive boosting through nootropics doesn't work by making a big melting pot out of all the ingredients that may have been shown to improve cognition independently: with nootropics if you are lucky, 1+1=3. If you're just "kinda lucky" 1+1=2. but most of the time 1+1+1=1 or 1+1=-1... You get the idea. Also, as a nootropics vendor myself, I'd like to ask: who is this product targeting? From my experience, there are mostly 2 kinds of nootropics customers: the "nerd" (no offense) who did his due diligence and makes his research on reddit or longecity and the "limitless customer" who saw the movie and wants his NZT-48 NOW. Which one of these 2 categories is the product targeting? If you're targeting the 1st population, the product is too expensive. If you're targeting the 2nd one, well, not only is the product too expensive but this kind of customer wants result fast, which the product is almost guaranteed NOT to provide. Just my opinion though.


I'd recommend seeing a doctor and getting neurotransmitter and salivary hormone tests done before you start any new protocols, especially Qualia which is the nootropic equivalent of a multivitamin. Nootropics aren't one size fits all. Using them without balancing brain chemistry and gut biome first can exacerbate your problem or create new ones.


Qualia never worked for me but Modafinil did. I definitely notice that it seems to be keeping me more awake and alert, but I can say that I have noticed a large difference in being able to actually focus. I was expecting more of a laser-like focus, but it is still VERY early in the testing phase, so that could change. 


I just started using it. First nootropic actually. I found a friend to split it with to cut down in the cost of trying it. Not really sure how I feel about it yet tbh. Haven't taken the full recommended dose yet as i figured it be nice to work my way up.


Qualia is overpriced. And there are a couple of things I would have taken out of the stack. Ah well, they accepted my quotes when I was on the phone but before we ever worked together I was asked to complete a "test" after I'd been accepted for the position and told I could work on/with what I want (and meet neuroscientists which was the kicker). They said they were interested in my advice (which I made the mistake of offering them for free) but haven't enacted it, so I guess they didn't think it was too valuable lol. 


Stick with modafinil! Modafinil can keep a person awake and alert for well over 32 hours, with only a full night's sleep required to get back to normal schedule. Cambridge concluded that modafinil confers a measurable cognitive-enhancement effect... Looks like I can finally wean myself off coffee. Recommended modafinil brand - Modalert. Recommended vendor: Neomodafinil


I wouldn't ever consider qualia  at that price. Ridiculous. 

I do wonder if you have a hand in the product as you asked for thoughts, someone replied, and you turned it around by saying that the ingredients were impressive.


Modafinil. Qualia does have too much ingredients. It is arguably not necessary to have ALL of those ingredients though, particularly some that are under-dosed but would still cost money to add to the stack if you were doing it yourself. You can build a stack with similar benefits for much, much cheaper.


 I agree with those that say expensive. However, as a consumer of Qualia for 3 months now, I wouldn't say overpriced or commercial garbage. Yes, I am paying a premium, but I do so with no interest in spending my time doing it myself. I'd rather pay someone else to do it for me.

Never tried Modafinil. My experience with Qualia has been subjectively positive from day 1. I have not yet observed diminishing returns.

The one claim that I haven't had fulfilled is lucid dreams. This is only triggered with Galantamine for me. No choline source of other acetylcholinesterase inhibitor does it for me.


Seems like there are always some Qualia shill elsewhere that come quickly to defend it every time someone else posts about it.

Exact same conversation every time. Most people agree that it is overpriced and the rest of the comments are copy/paste from enthusiasts or shill.


The hordenine and PEA alone would have a significant effect it they were taken in staggered doses so that the hordenine would have time to do its job. The suggestion that this is safe for daily use is irresponsible though.


My 50 cents to Modafinil. I’m always wary of supplements that have way too many goodiesI like to know what I’m taking and know the effect that has because a lot of the time with especially with nootropics it’s very dose-dependent


Modafinil is a scheduled drug not sold over the counter. Qualia is easily found online, but may be difficult to find in stores. 


Hiqh-quality Modafinil should be easy to buy if you just knew the right country to travel to where it is easily available from a pharmacy. I just don't know yet which country would it be. In Europe one could start by visiting Greece, many drugs are legally available in pharmacies in Greece, most of them without a prescription.It is an accepted treatment for narcolepsy so pharmacies sell it.

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