Modafinil vs Trubrain: which is better?

Modafinil Provigil did a fantastic job for me (almost perfect), but I had an allergic reaction to it so I gave Sun Modalert a try. No issues so far and I feel perfect. Never heard of trubrain. Will do some reddit search.


Man, I've been so tempted to try truBrain.. currently I make my own stack daily from bulk, but the daily spoon full of powder is not so fun and if I forget to take it before I leave the house, that's basically the end of it. Having an easy stack on the go might be worth the investment.. as a backup


Trubrain is a good product, but only for the rich. Probably geared more to the Silicon Valley types who are already making millions and have plenty of play money to throw away on the weekend. You know, the type you see at Starbucks daily because they can afford to have breakfast there everyday. ;) Modafinil vs Trubrain = 5stars vs 3 stars


I tried the liquid packets and I did like them. There is another product that I found around the same time that I like better. It's the Nexus and Mitogen stack at also pretty pricey. One of the guys behind it has a great podcast called smart drug smarts.


TruBrain works, but you run the risk of using compounds that do not have enough long-term clinical evidence supporting their use, such as Oxiracetam. There's still many double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical trials that need to be conducted to prove how safe it is in the long term, as that's quite unknown right now as far as all the research I've seen goes. The same goes for any product with noopept. Unproven until further trials are done. I personally stick to using only nootropics that are GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) if I am using the product frequently.


I'm friends with the person who developed TruBrain's stack... It is pricey, but it's convenient and at least you know what you're getting and what each ingredient is there for. Much better than spending money on some proprietary blend with unknown dosages of each ingredient.


Tyrosine can suppress your thyroid so if you have any Thyroid problems it can be problematic.Plus it's a small dose of Omega 3 and if it's not in gel capsule form then there's a big risk of Oxidation. Oxidised DHA is really harmful. It's important to test any source of Omega 3's for oxidation. The best way is to bite one of your fish oil tablets when you get a new bottle. It should be close to tasteless. The strong fishy taste is actually a sign of oxidation and the product obviously has poor quality control.The Magnesium source is quite limited too. There are many kinds of Magnesium which have different benefits and it's best to take a broad spectrum with a bit of each.


 Can't compare to Trubrain..never tried but Modafinil is subtle but has noticeable effects over the course of a few days, dosed 3 times a day at a standard dose of 200mg. Effects usually are the normal speel of nootropic benefits, improved memory, quicker more accurate recollection, increased visual and verbal acuity. It's a highly bioavailable but unstable in the presence of gastrointestinal enzymes.


Trubrain's products are well-formulated as far as I can tell (I've tried samples) but I hate any and all companies that try to force you into a subscription. I want to buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it.

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