I am in a financial situation right now and can't afford to take care of all of my medical issues. My doctor won't give me more medicine unless I go to another appointment, and I can't afford to.
I was on Adderall. Do any of you have any suggestions for natural ways to feel more awake during rough patches in the day?
Ketogenic diet. Eat more fat and drastically reduce your carbs (i eat less than 25 carbs a day). Coffee. Sometimes I take energy and diet pills (stacker2, hydroxycut etc). Ketogenic diet really helps the most.
My only drug for many years was coffee. It sort of worked - then it didn't. I also found that if you reduce your carbohydrate intake you will feel more alert - until you go to the candy machine in the break room and get some M&Ms. After I reached 50 I became even sleepier and so I resorted to even more desperate measures, a squirt gun filled with ice water so I could shoot myself awake or a small pair of needle nosed pliers so I could pinch the palm of my hand when I was in meetings (where I would inevitably fall asleep anyway).
This breaks my heart. Dietary and lifestyle changes helped me tremendously. I'm not completely gluten free today but I did have to cut it out for a long time and rebuild my health. I also had to cut out dairy and sugar. I noticed an immediate difference by just eliminating gluten and sugar. Yoga also helped considerably.

Also, if you've ever considered Xyrem, I know they have a special program for people who have financial issues. Call JAZZ Pharmaceuticals (it may have changed, I haven't taken it for years now) and talk to them personally.

I love that you're seeking natural ways and not just giving up. PM me if you'd like to talk more. Blessings!
To boost daytime wakefulness, you can use Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 first thing in the morning. Also take Vitamin B6 to boost the efficacy of the B12. You all of those in the morning and take another B12 at noon. All of these are water-soluble according to my psych doc, so higher doses are fine. Limit the D3 to 1000 to 2000 iu. I take B12 in the 1200 mg dose. I take the B6 as part of a B-100 complex.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have short days in the winter, so that alone causes a shortage of Vitamin D.

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