i started taking noopept+aniracetam+alpha gpc stack for studying, but i fell high when i take them and cant concentrate on anything. I take 10 mg noopept, 250mg alpha gpc and 800mg aniracetam in the morning, 10mg noopept in the afternoon. Does this mean those are the wrong nootropics for me or should i change dosage?
Noopept is basically piracetam from what I'm recall when reading about it. My take awayf from your report above is to not mix or combine more than one racetam (this could be construed as being 'greedy' :-P lol); either of those racetams are potent enough to give you a noticeable cognitive boost but clearly it is possible to go too far sometimes in putting together a stack with too many ingredients. One racetam and a couple of decent nutrient supplements is all you need realistically.
It's molecularly similar and has comparable traits but definitely isn't the same. Several people have said they've felt high from high doses of noopept but 10mg isn't high. Best not to say they're the same otherwise someone is going to go take 4g noopept.
Did you tried them seperatly to see effect of each one, i have been stacking some similar stuff and i felt the most powerful effect with less use, if you need some memory and focus check out sulbitamine,pretty powerful for study, MOAR does not mean better in area of noot :P
Several people in here also suggest lower to no choline except when a headache comes on. Some appear to prefer high doses and some don't. For some reason noopept seems to work best for me without choline for some time and then after a week or two add a bit and it's effects increase. But too much choline gives me a bit of brain fog.
Its the Alpha-GPC combined with to other two, try lowering your Alpha-GPC dosage ;).
Noopept have a lot of side effect on the start of taking, you should wait 2 weeks befeore they will dissapear 20 mg i really not much for stack, btw noopept work good on me only for 2 months every next tries was bad for me. Take 2 dose of aniracetam daily 400 mg then with fats. I take 800-1000 mg of it and I dont feel much. Its definitely not for me.

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