Do you stack noopept and piracetam?
Starting a math course beyond my abilities and my mind is currently a squirrel.
Started supplementing with L Theanine so I can have coffee again hopefully.
Physics major here - aniracetam and oxiracetam. Piracetam is nice, but i get weird physical reactions to it, so i usually try to stay away from it. Piracetam alone just gives me a weird feeling in my chest... Not sure what it is, not sure how to describe it, but i'm certainly not a fan of it. I also get a little bit of head pressure, but really dont mind that. It's the feeling in my chest that's concerning. I know it has an effect of increasing membrane fluidity, and some anti-platelet effects, but it somehow "feels" like the opposite...
i havent stacked noopept and piracetam together in a long time though.... Noopept only works as nasal spray for me, and last i stacked it, i was still trying powdered sublingual. didnt really notice anything from it.
I would definitely suggesting aniracetam and oxiracetam, though.....really the main two that i daily, besides magnesium, alpha gpc, bacopa, and ashwaganda.
Start with 2400 mg of piracetam daily 2x day(you can eat more of course if after 5 days you will not get effects) and 30 mg of noopept 2x daily with food for 2 weeks, if you get sleepy cut noopept dose(15 mg 2 x daily). You can take more noopept when you get
resistance for his side effects. Noopept have many side effect in the first 2 weeks of taking but after that he work good for 2 months. Piracetam is best 3 grams makes me a super human, no side effects on me only pure nootropic effects and HD vision. Eat it WITH CHOLINE SOURCE and mix with other suplements for best effect(omega 3, vitamins etc) dont drink alcohol/take anything what you realy dont need on these nootropic. Be patient you will notice power of them.
Yup; noopept kicks in 20 minutes, piracetam in about 90. Getting both lined up puts my brain on a rail for 6-8 hours. After that I complement with nicotine spray shots or huperzine a.

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