nootrobox vs modafinil: which is better for awakefulness and alertness? 

Nootrobox: simple formulas. However, they are quite overpriced. Because they are only made up of a few ingredients (generally speaking, this is a good thing), you could potentially build your own similar stacks for less than half the price.. Modafinil. The one I is Modalert from "Neo Modafinil". I take it when I know I need to be awake all day, and call it good. I do have a crash period when it wears off, though, and get extremley tired, but it is probably the best thing keeping me awake and alert. So Nootrobox vs Modafinil = Modafinil wins


 this is a solution for the lazy ones , with no high expectations, all-on-one the red bull commercial - gives you wings (with only caffeine and taurine in it)


Nootrobox is way too expensive for what it is. you are really just paying for the packaging. And the 200/100mg is so easy to just put together yourself and can be found much, much cheaper. at current prices, not even remotely worth it for me.


Nootrobox contains only FDA approved ingredients, which you can buy separately in every country. Consider Nootrobox for a natural brain stimulant - it is nothing special. On the other hand is Nootroo - much more potent brain stimulant, because it contains nootropic substances like noopept and phenylpiracetam - not FDA approved BUT it's vast tested and considered for safe. So, I defenitely would go with the second one. 


Nootrobox: overhyped overpriced basic formulas. Go the DIY path and pick individual nootropic chemicals that interest you. It's much more rewarding and you'll actually reach your desired outcome.  Modafinil: Its different for everyone. Some people love it, others it does nothing for. For me it worked for 3 blissful days. It was like I didn't have N anymore. Now it makes me chatty and more alert but works better than ritilan did for me.

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