Reviews on Nootroo's product with edible gold and silver? They use what is called 'irrelevant attribute strategy' to create extra percieved value and brand differentiation.
Nootroo is nicely branded, seems very expensive for 30 caps but many people often fall for the branding-techniques. Funny they call the Noopept-version GOLD and phenylpiracetam SILVER, would have expected other way around
I've purchased from Bulk Nutrients a couple times. They're in Australia and express post same day if purchase before a certain time. Haven't really compared their pricing in depth but for me if I suddenly want to try something and see these guys will get it to me next day and the price seems ok, I'm sold! :)
If were going to talk about brands, I've never tried Nootroo but the conecept looks sick! Racetam + citicoline + theanine + caffeine/pterostillbene. I like it because the citicoline will aid the racetam and Theanine is just amazing with caffeine. However I've recently started using a brand named Kyani and honestly the combined effects of all the ingredients far surpass every other nootropic I have ever tried. I feel like I am functionning at a much more effective rate that I was before, and I was able to EFFORTLESSLY cut back my somewhat excessive MJ consumption using it, while also getting RID of my Tinnitus & chronic knee inflammation, for which I used to constantly NEED NSAIDS (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin). The COX inhibition of Kyani is unparalleled but also the nutritional value is unlike any other supplement I've ever seen... The free 4 day trial made such a huge difference in my quality of life its unreal, cognitively and physically.
Don't take caffeine and theanine on days you don't need it as to not build too much tolerance, there are many review about it on reddit. Don't take phenyl p more than 2-3 times a week. I would save it for like Tuesday and Thursday, or Monday Wed Fri at most.

Take noopept every day. Take a choline source and racetams everyday. Once every two months stop taking noopept for a couple weeks. Racetams are good to take all day of the year (just not phenlyp).

These are my suggestions but I'm not an expert at nootropics yet.
The Gold nootroo is the same as my stack, but I add piracetam. Without knowing the dosages it's hard to make any comments on it. Just make sure the Noopept is taken sublingually, otherwise it's a waste.
Nootroo isn't a scam, but I would recommend buying individual ingredients from the above list and testing yourself. Phenylpiracetam does become less noticeable if used too often, and noopept should be taken sublingually (absorbed under the tongue) for adequate effect.

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