I currently take adrafanil , fasoracetam, rhodiola rosea once per day to stay chipper and laser focused on the job as I drive.

This kind of work was never easy for me but now I have that can do attitude I always wanted.

My issue is that I lost a bit of my creative edge in the process. I can listen to music but I'm not given to producing it....not like before...I can draw and paint digitally and work on projects...but I guess the trade off is I'm not so good at ruminating artistically as much.

I would like to know about nootropic or stack boosters for creativity. I can get MJ but I'm just not that much of a smoker or drinker in this configuration...

It's like I try and take my free time to do it...that creative thing...and a voice says...what's the point....get back to work....stop thinking too much if there are no immediate returns.

Thanks in advance.

Try aniracetam or piracetam. Especially piracetam made me think broadly and enhanced my ability to reflect and look at things from a wider spectrum, goes nicely with playing guitar and piano as well
Psycedelics honestly. It helps you think outside the box.
PRL-8-53. Helps with word retention and creativity
Caffeine/butter & Modafinil for focus
Thc (Sour Diesel, specifically) for creativity
they incerase creativity in the sense they alter perception, any drug alters perception, therefore each drug increases creativity in a different way
I'm pretty sure Lion's Mane increases creativity slightly. To me its effects get stronger if you consistently take it. But I can really say it's just Lion's Mane for sure...
Aniracetam for creativity stacked with noopept
I'm a designer/developer by trade. Tried alpha brain, was working well. Switched to Modafinil and it was awful. Currently on the following nootropics: Theanine + caffeine that contains cognizan citocholine, b-complex and 5-htp. Feeling great.
Creativity is ill defined but it involves working memory,

High strength green tea and organic dark chocolate gives me alertness and focus and then creative ideas are natural for me but I struggle to organise myself enough to make them a reality. Common problem with creativity. Lol

Lecithin would help, as would any source PC and PS.
Personally I've found creativity to be enhanced when the visual regions are stimulated, making it easier and more detailed to visualise things. Noopept helped me with this a lot. Taking modafinil almost silenced my mind and creativity was let's say.. harder.
Me personally I use... aniracetam (both for creativity and anti-anxiety) with A-GPC and Huperzine A as acetylcholine source. Ashwagandha and l-theanine for anti-anxiety.
Ive read findings about aniracetam adding creative inspiration
Well obviously the psychedelics increase creativity but I'd start with a Cannabis edible before leaving this dimension... Baby steps y'know
I've heard high amounts of noopept or aniracetam can provide creativity. I take these (in small doses) but not much creativity happens.
I find both aniracetam and Phenibut increase my perception, colours sounds etc and also have me good focus
I can't say for certain whether this works for others but I use ephedrine and caffeine nootropics when I need to get creative

I've been taking a creative writing class this semester and before starting a piece, I'd take some ephedrine and caffeine and I got praise from the professor all semester.

The ideas sort of just flow, I think faster than I can write.

You can find ephedrine in bronkaid, which is otc in NJ but I don't know about other places
Creativity is only possible when you aren't in an "executive brain" state so I'd suggest Nootropics with anxiolytic effects. Noopept gives me Spock brain (which I need for work).
I would try getting creativity from working out. I would also try yerba mate. Many people say they get creativity of mind with focus.
Cacao is very motivating and mood boosting and contains the body's natural cannabinoid Anandamide, thats the closest without venturing into the hell hole of synth cannabinoids or Rx Marinol. Deep sorrow and loss are also tried and true methods for almost any great artist for the entire time the world has been spinning.
have had a writer's block for 20 years...noopept did jack shit..
Aniracetam n Alpha-GPC better.
I think I'm a non-responder to noopept.
l theanine powder from powdercity is very cheap in bulk. mix it with strong coffee and coconut oil. works a treat
B1, LSD, theanine.

Boosting creativity can be easily accomplished with trainings... De Bono has a few courses, synetics had one in the 70s-80s. Think of it like weight lifting, nutrition and exercise
Aniracetam, noopept and centrophenoxine seems to be a good creativity booster for me without being too "amped up"
Aniracetam & Centrophenoxine for creativity and mood. Oxiracetam for focus.
Well there's not one neurotransmitter that specifically increases creativity. Many think if your brain is in a more relaxed state, then creativity is enhanced. Which explains why Aniracetam or Phenibut is often mentioned in this regard.
i also loved aniracetam & thought it was good for creativity. these days i use noopept with very very low dose of thc for abstract/creative thinking.
I have concluded that the two most powerful nootropics in the world are sleep and walking. I have experimented with many nootropics, and I do not care which ones or how much I take, if I have not slept well my mind is foggy, no “doping” can fix this. When it comes to creativity, there is nothing like walking. Once again, nootropics have never given me the kinds of a-ha or breakthrough ideas that I have had on long serene walks. I suppose that it is possible nootropics can be a boost to these two, but nootropics are not better than them, and can’t replace them. Given a mental race between the man or woman with nootropics but poor sleep and no walking compared with a man or woman with no nootropics but much quality sleep and walking, I place my bet on the second one every time.
would try it first and then see if you want to adjust. I think that pramiracetam and aniracetam is a great stack. They are both fat soluble so take them with some MCT oil and maybe caffeine and L-Theanine and you have a really great creativity stack.
Ashwagandha and other anxiolyctic/stress reduction compounds are great too. So is phenibut as long as you don't dose yourself to the point where you feel drunk.
I'm a perfectionist, so compounds like this prevents a lot of the irritability induced by if I can't play the song I want to properly.

Honestly, alcohol is great for music, but it's probably the most antinootropic drug ever. The creativity by it, however, is dope. Counteract the coordination problems from it with some caffeine or other adregenic compound, it may help
I could possibly see aniracetam as a way of getting into the creative zone, for me, I've been a working artist most of my life, the zone is an elusive place. It's not about triggering creativity it's about actually creating and getting a steady uninterrupted workflow going. I'm trying coluracetam as possibly a better window into enhanced sensory focus, it seems to have that quality. There may be a perfect stack therein somewhere. I have not tried microdosing hallucinogens, but I've seen a number of articles indicating that people are doing so, with results.
For me it's about preparing the tools and situation for my creative work, and then the creativity will come - clearing the decks, tidying up my space and my mental 'loose ends'. Exercise and dealing with niggly tasks seem to be important to get in the right headspace. I think the nootropics are useful for that purpose as well as for maintaining focus in the creative space. But nothing works too well for me if I have "undone" important things in my life. .I've been trying sunifiram (not every day, being careful with dosage), got some phenylpiracetam on order, and also "bulletproof" coffee is great (add a spoon of organic cold-pressed coconut oil and 200mg L-theanine to strong coffee). Managing the creative process is about more than just taking a pill. I agree some substances can make you feel like a creative genius until you see what you've done the next day!
Guys try - Green Tea + coffee combo and have piracetam along with it.
I discovered the coffee and green tea combo last year, it kinda puts my mind into a different state. In low doses I get more creative, mind kind of gets fluid. Different ideas come in at once, and mind connects really distant things. It also makes me more alert and happy.
In high doses (effects might vary with different proportions of green tea and coffee. Too much coffee can make you jittery.) I get somewhat intense euphoria, and intense creativity and very different state of mind.. Its crash can be really bad and painful. If the dose is too high, a really painful headache will follow. The combination kinda also intensifies my adhd. Last year I thought that it is a really amazing combination, except if I could focus. (I didn't know about nootropics last year, neither did about my ADHD)
So basically, the combo is even more amazing if you have something that increases your focus. You might want to add in a relaxant/ mild sedative too.
Nootropics don't boost creativity ime. It's a misnomer. Some like aniracetam may enhance creativity, but not create it. Many nootropics engender preexisting behaviours so you need to be vigilant and in control.
Coffee/tea and chocolate and good music... Thats gentle stimulants, and the music puts you in the flow state of mind. It depends if you mean creativity as in einstein/scientific or as in picasso/art... I'm talking art. In art you try not to actually think too much. Just enough.

racetams are your best bet. I recommend trying piracetam to start as well as aniracetam. If you don't respond to either, you can probably stop there, but if you do respond can try other racetams from there with a good bassline to work with.

Piracetam is particularly useful for processing visual information like detailed textures, so I'd imagine some of that runs over into music as well.


Juts know you're going to need a lot of nootropics to reach your desired results. Nootropics is not a quick fix or a 'just recommend something that works' because that increases the possibility of a long term imbalance in your body.

Now, you CAN try some stacks like Phenylpiracetam 100mg

Cdp choline 150mg

Rhodiola rosea (3% salidrosides 1% Rosavins)

Ltheanine 200mg

Theacrine 100mg

This stack is just to asses what you respond to but it will give you good energy.... Focus and creativity will be somewhat light but increased as well.

Dont go after pre-made stacks as that won't work as well and you'll most probably just end up telling yourself nootropics ain't for you

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