Can someone please recommend a Nootropic (or a stack) with minimal side-effects for Anger issues? Lately I find myself very angry, irritable and stressed. Thank you
l-theanine is brilliant for controlling irritability.
You probably have:
1) low serotonin receptors - L Tryptophan is a temporary solution for this but not the whole answer - meditation can also improve serotonin regulation
2) high cortisol levels - meditation can help with this too; as can vigorous exercise like HIIT and weight based strength training
3) chronic low level inflammation - solution: GRADUALLY transition to a vegetarian or less meat, eggs and dairy heavy diet
4) poor executive function - solution: as well as meditation, dual n back improves working memory which is a huge part of executive function
5) poor dopamine receptivity - solution: increase dopamine receptor density through supplements like sulbutiamine, uridine, NAC and turmeric. I'll be posting a full stack dedicated to improving dopamine receptivity later this week or next (subject to time commitments)
Phenylpiracetam nootropic is supposed to decrease emotional intensity / anger. I feel that it's helped me. I stack it with hardwork and determination. Neurons that fire together, wire together. You have to focus on creating new non-pissed pathways. :^)
5-HTP is awesome! But it only balances serotonin, stack it with L-Tyrosine to balance dopamine and L-Dopa to balance norepinephrine!
Anger. Right now he is on Rispadol. I took hi off it during the summer and when school started I had to put him back on it. I try to keep it to every other day but sometimes he has meltdowns and I have to give it to hime on his off days. I have tried both Tiapetine and asha. I also tried him on SAME over the summer. I had to put him back on Zoloft. So he's on Zoloft everyday and Rispadol every other day. I would LOVE to get him on all natural or nootropics instead of the poison big Pharma puts out.
Ashwagandha KSM 66.

Phenibut is great, but please cycle it as it is addictive. If you have that tendancy stay away.

This is going to sound weird but GCP has a calming effect on me. In theory it should do the opposite
Noopept, ashwaganda, theanine are good nootropics for anger. Ashwaganda gives me great energy and theanine is an anxiolytic. My stack is 500mg Ash, 20mg Noopept, and 100mg Theanine in the morning.
Focus is nice too with the Ash/Noopept combo.
I just bought noopept. I might mix it with my kratom. Thoughts?
I was taking Aniracetam as well for anxiety. I find for me personally theanine works better.
I've not taken Kratom, but I know it has addictive properties and is not suitable for everyday use. I'll let someone more familiar chime in on that one. Just read about it before you use.
I'm hesitant to say this again as the last time I pretty much got ridiculed ,but. Samuel Robinson is right. Kratom is addictive and a nasty drug to come off in my experience. I doubt reading about it will stop anyone as if they have their minds set on using it then no amount of negative publicity will change that unfortunately. I actually used it for anxiety so I'm not sure what the op is getting out of it? Aniracetam, noopept and possibly phenibut could help but tread carefully with the latter. Not sure modafinil is a wise choice if stims made you sick when coming off them although if used wisely,I stress WISELY, then it should be fine.
The suggested dose for Picamilon ranges greatly depending on your individual needs and purpose for using this supplement. If you are taking the supplement for basic mood boosting and energy support, you will see positive results when taking 50 – 100 mg per day. For anxiety and stress relief, a larger dosage of 100 – 200 mg per day may perform better for you. Picamilon is considered safe for daily use, but you may decide to cycle this supplement or only use it when needed to ensure that you do not form a tolerance to the effects of the nootropic. i go the 200mg once a day in the morning with 200mg of phenylpiracetam, then another 200mg of phenylp at lunch, don't take phenylp after 6pm if you want to goto sleep before midnight.

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