Some nootropic stack for beginners please, safest with no side effects? I'm taking 5-htp, creatin & l-glutamine atm.
excerice, yoga/meditation, caffeine, modafinil, l-tehanine, amphetamine, nictoine (gum) are the best for beginners in my opinion
Good source of choline like cdp or alpha gpc, noopept, pramaracetam, aniracetam, maybe phenyl.
I take Noopept with every stack. Maybe Noopept + Racetam + B Complex + Choline. That's my standard I also slip in Fish Oil even tho it's controversial.

I like to rotate racetams though depending on what I'm doing. Today I'm trying to clean out a room and get it ready to rent out so I'm using Oxi in my stack. I'll probably add Pramiracetam to help push me over the finish line this eve. Pram I can use at work and focus on my job + fit in a workout. The only Noot that hasn't been beneficial is Ani, I had good results once but that was it!
Piracetam, Aniracetam and, Adrafanil, along with Choline and DHEA as support suppliments was my first real steady stack.
Piracetam is the classic nootropic for beginners. If you prefer a pre-made stack, the favorites would be alpha brain or CILTEP
phenibut is one of my favorites, a must have, I have heard great things about noopept and fasoracetam.
Don't listen to randy marsh. Phenibut may be dangerous and it's status as a nootropic is questionable. Don't try it until you've tried a few other things.

I recommend trying the natural stuff first. if you haven't tried gingko biloba or ginseng start there. Then try natural nootropics/adaptogens like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, and lion's mane mushroom.

If you're impatient like me, start with noopept or piracetam.
I think all racetams are considered very safe for beginnets
Nothing is entirely free from side effects as different things affect different people in different ways...if you're in any doubt and are very concerned, then speak with a doctor and get some blood work done.
try noopept works over time better memory focus colors are more vibrant
To illuminate the darkness left behind by ignoramus posters with very general advice: pirecetam was looked at by the FDA and found to be so harmless they left it alone. 5htp is thought dangerous by some because it can produce serotonin systemically.
Try to use for start citicholine or alpha GPC choline. Regular choline bitartrate doesn't cut it.
I like noopept, cdp-choline, b-complex, l-theanine/caffiene, rhodiola rosea, and occasionally adrafinil (for those looooong days)
You'd be surprised how productive you can get when you pair discipline with proper nutrition and nootropics. It takes awhile for the changes to happen, but you'd be much happier than using what you previously mentioned (and you wouldn't damage your brain)
start with piracetam. There is a ton of research on it, and it goes well with a lot of things. most people will say 4.8 g's is a good number, and to mix with choline - but choline levels are different for all. I originally took racetams w/o choline, and now that I have added it, I don't feel much of a difference, and didn't get headaches either way. cool thing about racetams is that they are very safe, so you don't even have to weigh them out if you are in a rush, (not a recommendation by any means, just a sidenote for why it is a good starting point as opposed to something more experimental like B-pap)
I started with noopept. Then I did Oxiracetam, aniracetam, sulbitiamine, and even adrafinil. All before I bought piracetam, which considered the nootropic for beginners.
I have a tolerance which puts me in a difficult position. Not many things work for me. If you have a high tolerance, trying low-dose noopept shouldn't hurt.
Piracetam and choline is the best newbie stack I can think of. Very basic.
Try to cycle between phenibut, bromantane, ashwaganda and phenylpiracetam. Tianeptine sulfate daily. L-theanine can help too
I'm a beginner like you and I'm taking this rn -

L-Theanine and Caffiene (200mg and 100mg)
Noopept - 10mg caps 1-3 times a day
Alpha-GPC - 350mg, just got it so taking it with noopept

Will be trying out -
Phenibut HCL

Got all of them from powder city
try bromantane or tianeptine, perhaps it will be good for start
Piracetam (and a diet sufficient in choline or a choline supplement like Alpha-GPC, Centrophenoxine, or CDP-Choline) is a great starter noot!
take these three: aniracetam plus alpha GPC plus tiianeptine (take only 10 mg. per day.......WORKS FOR ME.......yogi, tucson desert
Ashwaganda is a great start. Two or three 450mg caps morning and night. You should notice a difference immediately,which improves with continued use.
Piracetam, then try Noopept, and add Ashwagandha and Rhodiola to keep you chilled out while you kick ass all day. Get capsulated versions of these from Powder City, along with some Alpha-GPC to make sure you don't get headaches.
i would not recommend aniracetam as a beginner nute if you have anxiety. I tried it early on before I had much experience with piracetam and I found it way too much. My brain was over-the-top stimulated--felt like I'd been put in the electric chair.
Noopept lasts for a few hours. Seems like a good place to start.
aniracetam most definitely. The most noticeable beginner racetam.
Everybody will give you a different answer since there is no best racetam. Some people swear by, for instance, aniracetam while others feel nothing when taking it and react better to othet racetams. You'll have to try them all to see which one works best in your case.
I believe aniracetam is fat soluable (but haven't really found a source), but itf that's the case it's less likely you'll feel that rather than a water soluble one. I'd say start with piracetam or noopept since it's similar. It's also like Omer is saying, there's no best racetam. They all work differently, some that affect creativity, depression &anxiety more than others (aniracetam), some are more stimulating (oxiracetam/phenylpiracetam) and so on. Fasoracetam is a little bit mixed of both, GABA-b upregulation + anecdotes report it being slightly stimulating, so it's a hybrid
Piracetam. I say this every single freaking day.
First stack should be
Choline Source
B Complex Vitamin
Krill Oil.
Noopept reduces my appetite.. modafinil reduces my appetite too but not as much as noopept.. noopept improves mood as well.. I would suggest you go with aniracetam and noopept.. and a few cups of tea every day for energy..
I'm a beginner like you and I'm taking this rn -

L-Theanine and Caffiene (200mg and 100mg)
Noopept - 10mg caps 1-3 times a day
Alpha-GPC - 350mg, just got it so taking it with noopept

Will be trying out -
Phenibut HCL
Caffeine and theanine is so unexotic and boring, but frankly I think I undervalued caffeine's use. I'd take 200mg of caffeine in a pill form and see how stimmed you are. I suggest trying to take enough caffeine so that you're just a little toooo buzzzin, but not overly buzzin. Then you take about 200mg of theanine and put the powder under your tongue and maybe sloosh it wih a bit of water to break it up. Hold it there and while if you have time, then swallow. Depending on how jittery you are you just keep taking 200mg of theanine every roughly 30 mins until it subsides. That's what I do anyway

People can suggest nootropics all day long but you shouldn't fork out any money until you've done far more research.

Make a goal of what you want for yourself. Enhanced/heightened senses? Verbal fluidity? Better memory recall? Better information retention? Balanced mood? Motivation? Energy? 

Why do you want to take Nootropics? School studies? Career improvement? Self improvement? 

The best thing is to read articles on different nootropics. Observe conversations in this group. (be able to discern the meaningless comments and posts from the actually informative) 

I'm being totally serious. My biggest mistake when I was new to this community was getting excited about things people were suggesting I take and buying a ton of stuff that did nothing for me. Or at least nothing I wanted it to do for me. I have quite a few things that I may never use. Of course, I highly researched them before I bought them (I don't put anything in my body unless I know everything about it there is to know) but I look back now and think "I was just really excited to try anything that I didn't think it through and bought everything." if I had to do it all over, there'd be quite a few things I would have never wasted my money on. 

Also, keep in mind, just because it works for 1 person, doesn't mean it will work the same or at all for you. Everyone's body chemistry is different. 

I'm not saying this to scare you away, just hopefully to help you make educated decisions on what step to take next. That's why I won't personally recommend anything to you. I've regretfully done it before and I wish I hadn't. 

Nootropics are fun and you can learn a lot about them, just be smart about it and know yourself and your substances before you buy. 


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