Hey guys, I'm looking for a decently priced Nootropic stack mostly aimed at LONGEVITY (sorry wish I could underline here instead) of the brain. Can anyone recommend a good one that I could purchase on Amazon since it's what I mostly use and trust to buy with online?
Centrophenoxine stacks well with noopept. Panax, rhodiola, ashwaghanda, and astralagus are all herbs I've used and enjoyed for longevity. Also, the mushrooms chaga and lions mane can sustain, though not directly noticeable.
My favorite recommendations for longevity:

1) Gotu kola for brain strengthening and memory

2) Lion's mane powder - preferably organic

3) CoQ10 plus Pycogenol stack - found to increase endurance in subjects previously suffering heart failure - CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant which improves mitochondrial function, especially important for brain functioning since mitochondria metabolize abs release energy from cells including nerve and brain cells

4) Green tea
If you want longevity for the brain you need to prevent the amyloid beta plaque accumulation.
You need to stimulate mitophagy in the brain every so often, the best mitophagy intervention is... fasting, but the process could be enhanced and reduced in time with some supplements, Lithium Orotate, Ceylon Cinnamon and Sodium Benzoate is an interesting recent approach for mitophagy.
Some herbal/falvonol/polyphenols are good for brain health, centella asiatica, bacopa, curcumin, pine bark/grape seed... the problem with resveratrol is the poor blood brain barrier permeability, the same with quercetin that is excelent compund, but astaxathin can cross the blood brain barrier and is very well know for protecting eyes and skin from UV damage. Another interesting herb is andrographis paniculata, the old gingseng+gingko biloba works very well for brain health acording to studies, these herbs are similar to centella asiatica.
If you stimulate mitophagy then the next thing to do is mitochondrial biogenesis, the more easy way for that thing is PQQ, but in general if you activates Sirt1 (for example with resveratrol, pterostilbene) and at the same time AMPK (berberine, quercetin, rutin), PGC-1alpha is activated and then mitochondrial biogensis.
Try to do some research because some supplements that works well for brain can also work well for other conditions for example insulin resistance, in my case I use grape seed extract/pine bark for preventing varicose veins. I also practice intermitent fasting for general longevity.

I think that best thing that you can do is try some herbs and supplement and see what works best for you.
Yes... brain starts to deteriorate with aging, like all organs... I'm trying to remember an study that I read a month ago about some compounds for stopping brain cell loss with age....

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