Any nootropic stack recommendations for mental clarity and focus, improved articulation, and working memory improvement?
I'm about to experiment with combining Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam (along with some choline) into a "stimulant" stack, I will still get the same amount of mental clarity, but I'm predicting that my brain will be processing shit at a significantly (though not too much) faster speed than normal. I will let you know my results. If you have any further questions on nootropics to experiment with, feel free to ask me. But to answer your question, Oxiracetam is the way to go because it's a mild stimulant that gives you the feeling of oxygen pouring into your brain like a stream (hence the term "Oxi").
excellerol, garden of life multi-vitamin, DHEA, cordyceps, epa/dha fish oil, mega b complex, phosphatidyl choline complex, CoQ10, Ginseng, coconut oil coffee smoothie, creatine monohydrate, GABA, Super Male T. This works for me.
Noopept and two racetams is overboard. I would suggest aniracetam, citicholine and possibly low dose modafinil. I remember when I first started I tried racetams, piracetam didn't help much and made me too.. kinda anxious but aniracetam was nice. I was on provigil, prescribed for adhd and tiredness and it helped with my other noots I took at the time
IDRA-21, PRL-8-53, Coluracetam on of the best stacks (take care with IDRA-21, test it alone before, it can be so powerful for some people)
I would start with a racetam of your choice and a choline supplement. Noopept works in small doses compared to other racetams, such as Piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam, phenylpiracetam, pramiracetam. All of them are good for mental clarity and focus. Each one is a bit different, but now you have same names to start looking into.
I am fond of taking 750 mg Oxiracetam, 25 mg noopept, and 250 mg Choline Bitartrate. It helps me with mood and motivation. They each seem to fit a different niche, so it is hard to quantify which one I would choose as a best or favorite.
Chronic Memantine, Agmatine, Magnesium Threonate. Salvia divinorun & Iboga to chemically balance your addiction centers. They work very well & are mind opening substances that you can learn much from.
Magnesium indeed. Threonate is best I think. 5HTP may also help for memory improvement, its sort of happyboosting yet slightly calming and maybe some things to get you really healthy, liver herbs (some people say they don't work but for me they definately did), extra healthy food, plenty sleep, supportive people, soft sports like swimming or walking outside helped too. And I liked creatine because it helps your muscles and physical energy. I usually try a more broad approach so hope you don't mind I shared that too because it might be helping. Theanine is a nice add too I think. Forcing things in a 'I must feel good NOW' kind of way, didn't work for me. And ritalin only helped after getting healthier first for me. Anyhow others already adviced on the noots so ;).
I like mood lifters and anxiety killers, myself. Firstly, be careful with 5 HTP when trying to lift mood. Great for sleep, bad for the next day as it brings many people depression and anxiety. Also, some people who use Alpha GPC as their choline source have reported it causing a certain level of anxiety.

So what I use during the day in the anxiolytic/relaxing realm is
Choline Bitrate

At night for sleep I use
Occasionally phenibut (be careful with this. It's not always great)

I don't have the time to list their properties or research sources for them but I trust that you're smart enough to look them up and research them for yourself. Good luck.
Suggest L-Tyrosine rather than 5-HTP, more of it gets across the blood brain barrier and boosts serotonin in the brain. With respect to mental clarity, suggest 20mg oral or 10mg subligual fasoracetam. Of all the racetams I've tried, it has provided the most mental clarity without either being speedy or sleepy but for me it does interfere with sleep if I take it in the afternoon so suggest first thing in the morning. Also, unlike phenylpiracetam, it does not build tolerance so no need to cycle.
Start out with some good antioxidants and amino acids like Tryptophan and Tyrosine perhaps. A good and non-damaging intro to the world of nootropics.
Tyrosine seems good when the time comes. I think I'll keep pirecetam and tyrosine in mind but do my best to hold off since I'm kinda young. Thanks for the insight everyone
The best "smart drug" for me at your age was B complex vitamins. Used to give me tremendous energy with minimal side effects. These days they make me overeat :/ hence not using them anymore.
used to do amphetamine every day for nearly 2 years, and i have smoked tobacco nearly every day for 4 years. amphetamine is way more damaging to your body, especially large doses like you are suggesting
I take pretty low doses: 325 mg Ani + 300 mg Centro. Ani has anxiolytic properties to help anxiety but also enhances focus. And I can literally tell a difference in how clean my brain feels after I take my Centro. It gives me great clarity. Do your homework tho, read about them and make sure they suit your needs!! :)

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