To avoid noopept short term memory problem... What is the best nootropic or stack? What are you using for this noopept side effect? I'm taking vinpocetine at now because vinpo can help cannabis chronic smokers with short term memory problems. Coluracetam maybe?
Aren't nootropics meant to enhance your memory? Why take them otherwise? Anyhow, if you want something that actually improves your memory while you're apparently doing everything to impair it, then I'd recommend a stack of CoQ10, Pycnogenol, L-Tyrosine and Bacopa Monieri or Gingko Biloba and the occasional Gotu Kola tea.
Noopept improves memory and the side effects fade within a week just lower your dose for the time being. When I started five mg would cause stm loss now I take like 35mg with no side effects except slight elevation in bp
The mechanism here is poorly understood. Either a cholinergic overload, or a cholinergic deficit. Both temporary.

I'd try: 300-500MG choline bitartrate. If better, it was not enough available acetylcholine to deal with extra usage of it induced by noopept.

If worse, noopept is causing too much acetylcholine to be present, and you might try 500-700 MG Aniracetam to decrease quantity of ACh.

If neither of those work, and experimental variations of doses and analogs, something else is going on, and you'll want to further understand what.

Maybe you're deficient in a B vitamin. B5, for example.
Yes i'm taking less, i stop to take one week, and will start again but with 10mg only 1 day on and 2 off and will see the effect. I use heavily my short memory in the classes, to explain hard concepts to my students. If someone distract me with something It is a bit more difficult remember what about i was speaking before. Piracetam can give me a flow a stream in my line of thought I can resume what I was saying before. This effect of take noopept every day remember me when i smoke cannabis a lot, when i was a teenager.

I take choline, not too much, because of prostate cancer... but i'm stacking a good b vitamin with choline, vinpocetine, alcar and piracetam, because is what i have available now. Unfortunately ginkgo did not give me any effect. I do not have headaches like most people have when taking racetams or noopept. I like eggs, first because I just like and second because it has a good nutritional level. My B complex B50 have a little choline too. So I guess I do not need large amounts like other people need. I already have my daily intake ok.

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