On the subject of the herb, I did dabble with it & alcohol during my adolescence. And I feel both these substances have had long term changes to my brain. I have cut out the herb for a while now, and reduced my drinking significantly.

There is a lot of research saying that marijuana and even alcohol in adolescence can cause permanent cognitive deficits (not seen with those who started in adulthood).

Is it possible for nootropics or even NSI-189 to repair such a brain?

Probably bacopa and maybe gingko biloba
other than that, here's my "cannabis side effect prevention stack":

Frankincense & myrrh (cox 2 inhibitors), in lecithin w/ fatty acids, low dose memantine, magnesium glycinate, selegiline, moclobemide, krill oil, lots of high intensity cardiovascular exercise, l theanine, curcumin, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and overall a healthy diet with enough micronutrients
Oh and huperzine a. While these drugs do you good, they are mostly for if you use cannabis regularly. I'd run the stack no matter what, though
I had a similar feeling which got me into nootropics. Just start simple, piracetam + alpha gpc ed for two months. Taper up the doses to what you're comfortable with.
Imo herbals are a waste of money, and someone just entering the space shouldn't dive right into stronger pharmaceuticals like maois and memantine
I do recommend increased protein consumption, fish oil or krill oil, caloric restriction and weightlifting along side it. I've theorized some of the thc gets stored in fat and slowly releasex so you're actually not sober, just better at being mildly high. These things will ideally help rapidly mobilize the fat.
I believe that weed has been proven thousands of times over in studies to cause new synapses to form, but the continued, right wing propaganda that is always pumped down our throats to dissuade us from partaking then subsequently realizing that the system is broken and was intentionally designed that way.......................
What you need to overcome the kind of cognitive deficits sustained from underage alcohol and marijuana use is cognitive training for developing working memory. W

Working memory is both what is most affected and what has the most impact when there is a deficit of it - working memory affects almost every area of our brains experience of our lives: problem solving, emotional regulation, both verbal and non verbal communication (use of language); learning and focus and attention.

Some activities for improving working memory are:
(1) learning a new foreign language and improv acting (depending on how much of it emphasises remembering what you've listened to ;
(2) playing chess and anything that involves visual-spatial recognition
(3) focused breathing and mindfulness meditation (mainly for emotional regulation); and of course, dual n-back
Regular and consistently practiced cognitive training exercises such as the above will, even on their own, have much more impact in allowing you to rebuild your working memory; you can take nootropics to support your performance in these areas, but taking nootropics without consciously setting goals and taking action towards them will result in nothing more than temporary fluctuations in mood, memory and attention which will almost certainly wear off unless you continue taking those nootropics indefinitely; yet even then, the benefits of the nootropics on their own will reach a certain ceiling. That ceiling can only be overcome through hard work with disciplined memory training activities.
Be careful that you aren't using the placebo effect to dumb yourself down. Everyone gets mentally fatigued, if you diagnose it as long term damage from previous weed and alcohol use you may be giving up at the point where you'd be seeing improvement from mental effort alone.
Therefore I suggest, Bacopa monnierii, Fasoracetam, Flumezanil (not technically a nootropic, but will fix your GABA receptors decoupling), and other nootropics of your choice, try to do research for effective ones like Noopept, Coluracetam, Theanine for smoothing stimulants, Picamilon etc... Also you can consider Nootropicoids like Memantine, Moclobemide, Selegiline etc... for ''drugs'' that make you feel sharp without having withdrawals, significant tolerance or damage and other positives

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