Looking for a nootropic that can give a boost of mental alertness, especially in the context of mind/muscle connection for gym/weight training, new to this page (and the idea of nootropics) so any help would be appreciated. I currently have L-tyrosine and wondered if there is anything else that could work well combined with this or not ? I would like to stay away from caffeine and traditional 'pre workouts' which i find to have a negative impact on appetite and the digestive system.

Bromantane is the best for alertness
Onnit T+ is the best PWO I've found. Proper alertness and focus with none of the caffeine jitters I get with other products.
I take sulbutiamine for an energy kick a few days a week... works for me, but not everything works for everyone.
sulbutiamine is the most energetic noots you have in hand
Fish oil can increase dopamine in the prefrontal cortex which can help with motivation and alertness
Also omega 3's can help you sleep better, you may be more alert because of the long term effects of fish oil.
People react to compounds differently. For me, Aniracetam makes me tired while Oxiracetam gets me alert, but Aniracetam is by far the more popular nootropic
Lambert Piracetam, Choline, Adrafinil/modafinil, Caffeine. Results garanteed. You will be alert and awake.
The only one to get energy and mental focus is Modafinil. Try with 100mg first
Noopept, sulbutiamine, oxiracetam are all reeeeeally effective actually
modafinil or armodafinil. its pharmaceutical but there's sites that sell it. i got some coming my way within a week. its the prescription nootropic. brand names are Provigil and Nuvigil. Phenylpiracetam is good too, thats the -cetam thats most stimulating supposedly.
All the racetams but make sure you take a choline supplement. PRL-853. I like Fasoracetam and oxyracetam. CLR-40940 is an excellent study aid but take early or be prepared for an all night study session. It gIves laser like focus and alert! No body load all mind.
Adranafil at breakfast and lunch should workout good.
when I get off work if I don't feel like working out or walking the dogs, I'll take 200 mg PhenylP. It generally gives me a good 4 hours of energy.
phenylpiracetam worked AMAZING for focus, and alertness, when it finally kicked in. Cant wait to stack it with oxiracetam or aniracetam, with noopept.

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