any good nootropics for social anhedonia?

i don't have anxiety or anything and i have had mixed results with recreational drugs and would rather not use them over a nootropic

I made my own solution from powder. I should be taking from 0.6 to 0.8 now. Will go higher for sure. No extra focus yet, but i just woke up from afternoon sleep and it was f..... amazing. Zero anhedonia. Feels good man.
Phenibut might help you out with anhedonia
Don't take Phenibut, withdrawals are nasty. I thought I could be responsible with it but it was just too effective, I wanted to use it all the time. It's best not to start taking it. It's not even a nootropic.
Well that should be good, I gots the anhedonia it's no fun at all. Well, there is one thing that I do enjoy eating at in-n-out ha ha, maybe once or twice a month, don't want to build tolerance.

I tried the SSRIs, kinda worked on the anxiety but totally dulled everything else. Tianeptine was by far the best thing I've ever tried. I was taking 25mg 1x day. Honestly, financial disaster is the root cause of most of my problems, no $ to go out and do anything fun. It becomes very isolating. For example, I love photography, I shoot film, no $$ to get that developed, scanned, printed, etc. so I don't shoot enough. Shit like that. I used to love working out at the gym, barbell training, HIIT, etc then got injured and thyroid went downhill. There goes another thing that used to give me joy. I won't go on.... but back to your original question, as for the brain chemistry, that would be Tia.
I'll have to find the research but selank is said to help with exactly that. I can attest to anhedonia. Ex heavy opiate and benzo user here.
Im dysthimic. Aside from what I just posted about sleep Im also taking centroxaphine during the day and phenylpiracetam and tianpetiene when I have to work. I street perform in the French Quarter and it is very stressful- funny, almost ALL of the performers there use heroin, and the ones that dont smoke week while performing to deal with the douchebaggery. eHave been doing this combo for about 2-3 weeks. So far it has been very helpful. I have PTSD as well, I am very used to anhedonia.

Be careful with the tianpetine if you go that route. Opiate addiction is no joke
If you want to explore alternatives, DMT(even a single dose), MDMA and LSD/shrooms (you can try low dose) have been used to treat depression, anxiety and anhedonia.
Without holding back anything, CDP-Choline could be your go. Also healthy in general. There are many things but Mucuna is a also a rather healthy one with other advantages. But spend time on it(what belongs dopamine, many ups and downs when it comes to supplements, thats why i say not to much) Really, read as much as you can, cause there is much intertwine.
Dopamine primary component is tyrosine, and n-acetyl-tyrosine is better than L, and absorbs best through the BBB when taken on empty stomach with vitamin C. Stack with 5htp for balance
HIgh dose niacin is amazing for anhedonia ... just try small and increase, because the flush can be a little shocking, but it is incredible, inexpensive, and safe ..i've beendoing for over 10 years ... its been used for over 60y in the clinic... get the kind with the warning that it may cause a flush ... start with 250mg pills ... or 500mg (GNC works great)... I take 1g about 3x a day ... my favorite by a country mile ... great for 101 things!
Niacin is my expertise. See my publications (and there are book chapters):

I was mentored by Abram Hoffer, PhD/MD, who treated over 10,000 pts who had schizophrenia in the 1950s and showed it worked incredibly well. Physicians in the know still recognize and use this approach (basically 3x1g a day taken at 3 separate times; niacin as nicotinic acid preferred, but nicotinamide can work just as well some times). NADH is amazing to take as well, but it’s expensive. I should be studied and considered however much more. Niacin as nicotinic acid, is the flush causing form. It is something you just have to try yourself and adjust your personal dose. Schizophrenics generally have weaker flush responses and as they get better they have reduced responses. It does not work for all schizo’cs of course.

On safety of niacin:
Guyton’s review shows, the only one that has had occaisional problems is timed release prescription one.
Niacin has been used for over 70 years without much downside at all and incredible upside.
I personally have taken at least 3x 1g of the flush causing niacin for over 14 years now.. my blood lipids are perfect. I am 50y old and walk on average over 10 miles a day. I still feel incredible mental energy with every flush.

Niacin, is converted to NAD in your body and is involved in over 450 different reactions, which is more than any other vitamin derived cofactor.

Regarding dopamine
I’ve heard good things about macuna on topic, but do not know that much about it.
Also, entire books on depression have focused on niacin as the treatment. Restoring the ability to see beauty and feel joy:

I should qualify that every biochemical chain is as robust as the weakest link and if your deficiency is magnesium (which is the generally recognized as the most common deficiency of all) then that may be what is most important and niacin will not show benefit. Ultimately one should always recognize orthomolecular medicine, which is the idea that you address the deficiency linked to the disorder/pathogenesis. Search for orthomolecular physicians and for once in your life (other than bacteria/antibiotics, which you need sometimes or else die.. ), you may find someone that actually treats the cause of disorder.

Its always best to cover all bases… so include:
food as medicine
thiamine (500mg)
amino acids (tyrosine; not tryptophan.. that can be a problem) or just an egg
… together these

another qualifier
a subtraction diet may be the most important thing of all. see the book by perlmutter, grain brain
remove gluten (most common): mostly just all bread and pasta
remove dairy: mostly just milk, but perhaps yogurt is not good for some..butter is ok actually
remove solonaceae plants: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant
Tyrosine is what your body makes dopamine out of. Also, there's some anecdotal evidence that dextromethorphan (from cough syrup) has some utility in helping to upregulate dopamine receptors during tolerance breaks in people prescribed amphetamines

Don't take them at the same time; there's a slight but present risk of tachycardia and elevated BP
Almost all the people here is versed in sciences, and they aren't self-medicated nor opinion consumers. They follow natural paths to self-healing and are against artificial aids for boosting the brain. The only thing you have to do is not research, just ask in Facebook groups to receive an objective opinion, or better, go to the doctor, no one else can tell you what is better for you, he can know you and your habits even better than yourself, always; but especially, never, never, listen yourself or use your common sense, this could be the worst nootropic ever made.
Food is medicine, don't get overdosed. My humble suggestion, try the Gerson diet, run a half marathon in 4 months and focus all your energies on the solution, not the problem, forget it. Do all you find out with your research and don't rest a **** minute until you recover. A year ago I had a similar problem, but the solution is not a pill, you generate it, is proportional to your effort and overcoming capacity. ✊
What is with Inositol und stuff that slow down everything? Does it helps in your case. Also do you try to reduces your stress (and I think histamine) level to naturally increase your neurotransmitters? Important adaptogenes are rhodiola rosea, ashwaghanda, schizandra or even phosphatidylserine. I am only focused on serotonin and ACh, but normally it must the same principle for the dopamin- synthesis. A inballance noradrenaline -> serotonin etc. could be also worth a mention.
Isnt the anhedonia caused by high cortisol and inflammation, due to damage to certain regions in the brain, that can cause depression etc.?
Not much to expect from an amino acid when you suffer from anhedonia. It's metabolized really quick. Make sure you use acetyltyrosine, and not just L-tyrosine. I'd try selegiline, moclobemide & memantine for anhedonia. Maybe also look into NSI-189 and acetyl-semax/selank. Make sure you get enough nutrition through your diet as a baseline
Bromantane, memantine, raw grass fed beef liver, testosterone therapy, light therapy
I'm not fucking kidding. Do the research, do the work. Fight for your goddamned life. Make it happen.
I tried mamy things, i dont remember everything. ADs: fluoxetine, tineptine, sertraline, venlafaxine, mirtazapine, bupropion (little improve). Atypical antipsychotics: amisulpiride, quetiapine. Mood stabiliser: lamotrigine. From supplements: vitamins/minerals, omega 3, sarcosine, NAC, rhodiola, mucuna pruriens, l dopa, n acetyl tyrosine, noopept, piracetam, phenylpiracetam, cdp choline. Only thing working on me is ethylphenidate.
Trivastal not just a better alternitive for treating Parkinson's Disease or Restless Leg Syndrome. Very effective for Anhedonia and cognition.

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