Which afinils work well for athletic training? I want to find something comparable to phenyl piracetam with less tolerance...
Have you tried bromantane? I've read it's great for bodybuilding.
bromantane plus semax is supposed to be great, or cancels each other out, depending on who you ask. phenylp with semax is supposed to be good according to one user.

I find Sulbutiamine and Phenylp are a great combo for athletes. But yeah, it's only good for 2 out of 5 working days a week or it loses potency and I hate wasting my money on drugs that aren't effective if I just cycle them.
I'm starting to notice some good results in bodybuilding with Semax. Had two good days of motivated training!
DMAA: yes, Amp citrate/DMBA: No (Cardiotoxic, full of side effects, bad)!! Do not use more than 2-3 days a week to avoid burnout and supplement with a lot of L Tyrosine. Higenamine works great for athletes too.
Rhodiola Rosea and Cordyceps are 2 great herbal ones! Rhodiola being the cheaper of the 2. If you're after reduced physical exhaustion I'd probably look at dosing techniques; rather than taking RDI in one hit of for example B Vitamins, spread it out throughout the day instead and this will turn a spike into a calm high - treat noots the same
carbohydrates during the sessions if they are over an hour. Given what you're using, I really can't think of anything that wouldn't be so negligible as to not be worth it.

Eating enough calories is very important, but you arleady knew that
I think the best muscle recovery supp I've tried is Phenibut. I've been tore up after my first day of competition and I felt like Phenibut mended my ailments for second day of comp.
Add HMB and whey instead of caseine.
Daily meditation for sleep quality.
For pre workout caffeine would be the safest
Yeah and creatine monohydrate safest, cheapest and probably best
Not used it as a nootropic, but it is good for increased energy for running or gym work. It can be a bit speedy & high energy, so much so I'd be reluctant to use it as a nootropic without having some physical outlet to use up the extra energy. Wouldn't use it every day regardless. It can be vasoconstricting too.
I have used a pre-workout supplement with it in it. Man, you blast through your training sessions like crazy! I have switched since 3 months ago.
Olav S.
DMAA realses dopamine, esp in the beginng.
If often messed up my immune system, so if I used it while working out for couple of days, later I get fatigued and ill. And the dopamine, good mood effect, goes away with continued use, and you are only left with adrenergic stimulation (which for me causes lack of appetite, uneasiness). I have no intention of trying DMAA again. Nootropics are much better, and no side effects like this.
I love using Beta Alanine for training. It was also recommended as just a daily supplement, even without the training, but if you have any training that day I'd take it about 30 minutes before.
centrophenoxine for athletes is best
its actually banned in international competition because its a strong performance enhancer
Creatine, protein, and a pre workout. Creatine is important, protein is helpful if you diet has gaps or to eat bulky on a budget, and preworkout/caffeine/coffee helps you get to the gym when you don't feel like it.
I used use pre-workout but with so much junk in most of them now I just use Activate before the gym or when I go to work.
You need about 400-500MG of a good MAG
Plenty of things could help reduce cortisol buildup from exercise. Rhodiola is a favorite of mine as it can even pre-buffer you from the side effects of stress exposure. Taurine helps your body return to homeostasis and you can usually load up on that whenever you want without issue. Shilajit is often mentioned for improving endurance but I dont have any research to back that up. Got some Beta-Alanine around but havent had a chance to really test if its worth it overall.
Phenibut for bodybuilding! But be carefull. Creatine and intermittent fasting. Coffee with Coconut Oil before lifting.
Alpha GPC, caffeine, l theanine, huperzine, NALT, creatine for bodybuilding
Also ALCAR and vitamin B12(methylcobolamin) to name a couple more. I take all of these in my pre work and they are BADASS!!!
Forskolin, EGCG, Ashwagandha, and Pterostilbene with DHEA. Do the math.
It wouldn't hurt to add 5-MTHF either... I know this combination well and have seen several blood results to show significant and consistent elevations in free testosterone. There has never been a problem with rebound upon discontinuation. Dimethylresveretrol (Pterostilbene), at 200mg daily, in the morning, activates sirtuin, aka the fasting hormone. This increases IGF and improves insulin sensitivity. It also acts as an effective aromatase inhibitor in conjunction with EGCG.
Then you will produce all this other stuff that people are packing into supplements. Naturally, you want a good, well-rounded, high-potency multiple vitamin. Pterostilbene has some incredible nootropic effects which are still not completely understood. I am trying to lead you in the right direction. I have extensive knowledge and training and have worked with professional bodybuilders too. There are certain other unmentioned dietary tips and tricks which go a long way too. I have said my peace, which all too often goes ignored, but by those who take notice, there is usually great benefit. I've references if you wish. Be well.
Pre workouts usually contains a big number of nootropic compounds. I had lots of success with it playing soccer & for weight training ofc. Used a lot of stimulant-like compounds that were in the PWO's
dopamine sources ie l-dopa. mucuna pruriens can be pretty great for athletes I think there are other constituents that make it a more pronounced effect. also if you can't sit still, phenibut can help you keep your gains
GW is great. Gives you endurance, helps with energy levels, helps give you tha extra rep, leans you out, ime helps you breathe. I love it. Hands down my favorite ped. If you put the work in, it won't fail you. Nothing will work if you don't incorporate some type of exercise into your regime.
had my dad and atepmom try GW. They are both into body building but took a break from it recently. They wanted to get back into it but were having trouble finding the energy and my stepmom was having problems burning the excess fat she developed off (it wasnt a lot but enough to make a body builder frustrated). They've been taking GW for the past 14 days now and have seen great results! My dad thought josh was bull shitting him but he was proven wrong! Both have found themselves having more energy in the gym and able to go longer when training, my stepmom has burned fat away, and the plus is no side effects! One problem my stepmom always ran into with supplements is she is so tiny so she'd easily get the jitters, she loves GW because she feels nothing but sees results! I highly recommend this to anyone trying to increase endurance and stamina or lose weight!
That's gonna be might subjective. An NO2 booster and a mild stimulant should be more than enough. If you wanna cheat a little harder look into SARMS.
Low dose LGD-4033 (low too prevent significant testosterone supression), ipamorelin, creatine
Rad140^ improves cognition as well as increases to endurance and strength
I enjoy agmatine before I work out, in addition to my preworkout
Caffeine. Smelling salts for the big lifts, not sure if it can be considered nootropic though.
My time to shine lol

Allround preworkout.

Caffeine 200mg
Huperzine A
Ephedrine / synephrine
Citrulline 5g
Arginin AAKG 3g
Agmatine 1g
Trimethylglycine 2,5g
Rhodiola rosea

Take creatin 5g and beta alanine 3g on daily basis.

For dosage suggestions i left out, look at examine.com and take a look at PWOs like Alpha drive (nutraclipse), conquer amped (olympus labs), cannibal ferox (chaos and pain), unstoppable v2 (dedicated), tripleX (goldstar), venom 2.0 (Brawn), Bombshell (urx), narc limited and narcotica by GN Laboratories.
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (for recovery), PLCAR (for during), caffeine (for increased endurance), piracetam (for oxygen usage, potentiation, and mental clarity), Agmatine (for a better pump), and enhancers sold by Ceretropic.
What I use - Creatine 5g,
Choline bitartrate 1g (it helps me not get fatigued),
Noopept 10mg (if i am not feeling in the zone),
Caffeine 100mg (extra motivation to get out of the house and start the workout),
Taurine 1,5g (good with caffeine, synergy with creatine, i like it for everyday use),
Ginger 1g - So i dont get sick in the stomach and not feel hunger.
I also smoke a little bit of hash, but i smoke it trough the day.
I used to take 10mg propranolol (beta blocker, it helps if your heart hurts during exercise)
Phenylpiracetam boosts endurance so it could give you that extra edge and c60 repairs mitochondria which are resposible for breaking down energy in cells and distributing it . Limitless life nootropics carries both at unbeatable prices
I would consider part of the stack to include Phenylpiracetam (there is a reason it is banned from the Olympics) and Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract 10% (Forskolin). Forskolin boosts cAMP levels, one of the most important hormone managers, and results in increased levels of testosterone and other important growth hormones.
Eidum Intermittent fasting and only coffee with Coconut Oil in before and under training. Around 40 grams in big cup. Clean mean energy!
Your biology and training frequency is dependent on how much you lift, not your equipment.

Calorie surplus will definitely help getting your strength back. Load up on them carbohydrates (preferably low glycemic carbs)
Doing about 20 mins of cardio before helps energize me. And yeah always workout early before eating. I'll usually drink half of a B12 energy drink and a shot of olive oil with my coffee. Still haven't tried the coconut but I've been hearing a lot about it. Also Creatine hcl immediately before the workout. Plateaus are normal. Just switch up your focus. Like focus on heavy squats for a couple of weeks while just doing the minimum on everything else.
Creatine and testosterone appear to benefit the muscles and the mind. If you've upgraded your equipment check that the bar itself is the same weight.

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