Are nootropics safe for an eight year old child with high functioning autism / aspergers and which ones would benefit? My son has strange obsessions with maps memorizing cities locations directions,smoke detectors, electronics. He also has Awkward social skills.
vasopressin and oxytocin r best for autism in my opinion
just get your sun with autism security books to read... People make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to memorize maps and locations of cameras etc.
Information Security Specialists
The only supplement for autism I would consider is L-Carnosine.
Noots are psilocin and cannabis. I have a map obsession too
mdma would be good for asperger but it is still in research
You should not give your 8 year old child untested research chemicals. We aren't even sure how they work in the adult mind, let alone a child.
I don't know if they would be safe or not, but that would be a decision left sole up to you the parent. All I can provide you with is my opinion. Before using chemicals as a nootropic, I would look into the many nootropic foods out there. Food is the beginning of everything. There are enormous amounts of foods that boost your cognition and overall brain capacity. And even a compound that was shown during a study to improve the symptoms of autism.
Amino acids. Check out l methionine - removes brain build up of brain ammonia, glutamine ( amazing anti inflammatory now believed to be involved in the initiating factor of a huge number of conditions including spectrum disorder and threanine (precursor to gaba) if hyperactivity is involved. Don't use GABA - although literature not maintaream, may be addictive. Also probiotics l. Rhamnosus, plantarum and others have been associated w repetitive behaviors and thoughts etc. depends on your child. There are others - best resource is ncbi For the most current published research. There is a New field - gastro psychiatry or neuro gastro psychology... Name is something in that general arena. Brain gut connection through vagus nerve is more real than previously thought. Hope this helps. Always check w doc if appropriate for the age. Probiotics are safe at any age and easily hidden in food. No pills. Some amino acids too eg l glutamine.
The only reason I know about the Carnosine study on autism was I just added it to my daily regimen and ran across it while researching. Gut health I see mentioned a lot also.
Please do not give an asd child hallucinogens. Even at a sub-threshold dose, there is room for error and your kid could end up traumatized. I can't believe people are seriously suggesting nootropics.

Really, there's room for error with anything. Please talk to a doctor. Even if a doctor recommends supplements, don't give anything you can't test the purity of. An 8 year old cannot possibly understand the risks and thus can't consent.
there are pediatric doses for asperger, the problem is the limited options a physician can provide, because you have to wait years for a drug to be approved even if many know it works
I've read some intriguing case studies on the use of neurofeedback and also ketogenic diet for those with autism/asd.
I have adhd and noopept has been awesome at helping stay focused and motivated.
they've also used piracetam for cerebral palsy
So far as I know, nootropics are all under-studied generally, let alone for kids.
I saw a "citation needed" thing about it on Wikipedia and piracetam seems to help me - and I'm kinda undiagnosed mild aspergers.
Search piracetam adhd studies. There have been limited studies in other countries but with great success!
use for autism/asd memantine because of excitotoxicity
Your asd son is likely too young to be using most nootropics without expert supervision. The racetam class of nootropics are pharmaceutical drugs, and should be treated with care. There are a few plant based nootropics that are generally perceived to be safer that pharmaceutical drugs like lion's mane, rhodiola rosea, bacopa monnieri, periwinkle extract, and ashwaghanda which may serve to be helpful.
I disagree with Seths opinion on safety and believe a lot of the more "pharmaceutical" nootropics are safer than the plant derived ones and its not really a worthwhile distinction. Imo something designed by man should logically be safer than something that came about as random genetic mutations and evolution from nature.

But I agree so hard with "Your son is likely too young to be using most nootropics without supervised use by an expert". At 10 years old your son really shouldnt be taking any exogenous chemicals at all. let the young mind stabilize a bit and figure out a proper baseline before trying to change it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that adhd is over prescribed in western society. The amphetamine analogues prescribed will at proper doses help far more than anything else and fix it in the long run so dont be afraid of them, but at the same time for someone who is misdiagnosed it will actually give them adhd. There was a research paper I read which detailed and highlighted this phenomenon which i can dig up if youre interested.
Amphetamines are by no means "fixing the cause".. If anything it'll throw off the serotonin and dopamine production and concentration in the brain therefore almost becoming dependent on them..
I'm all for nootropics but again for the little man id focus more so on stuff like alpha gpc.. Ashwaghanda.. Stuff like that.. They make great formulas for this now
I was prescribed Desoxyn methamphetamine hcl at 13 years old. It did help with adhd but came with a host of other problems. If you feel nootropics are helping your son by all means. The pharma drugs prescribed by most psychiatrists can be more damaging in my opinion, but in some cases those work better than other options. So just be vigilant. Everyone's got an opinion but as a parent you are ultimately the best observant judge. Listening to your sons opinion would be wise as well even at that age. Good luck to you and your son. Also to add many herbal drugs can be harder on the liver and or processed poorly so be mindful of that as well.
Nootropics for autism are Methylfolate and Super B12, Choline and piracetam and 200mg caffeine/nalt and also 400mg magnesium glycinate.
Since in some cases autism has been linked to heavy metals poising, I would suggest checking this out before the nootropic path
For a child with autism I seriously dont recommend intenet for medication. See a neuroscientist.
I seriously recommend you stop self medicating autism. That said if you insist on moving forward try aniracetam. I am not a doctor, but its mild anxiolytic and social activity boosting effects might help with the interpersonal frustration.

EDIT: I would avoid oxiracetam, pramiracetam, and phenylpiracetam until you have tried less stimulating options.
Being on the spectrum myself I can say that when I'm on ritalin I can definitely reroute my actions and words through my considerations of people's feelings a lot better than I can without it. Though for more severe cases stimulants can make it worse. Sunifiram and noopept always make me a lot less socially awkward.
BE VERY CAREFUL. This is a child and his(?) brain hasnt stopped developing yet. Its why kids treated with ADD drugs tend to have developmental disorders.
Who cares, load him up with all the medications. I'm sure he'll love that he was a guinea pig when he grows up.

Seriously, take him to an actual licensed professional. Unless you're a doctor, that's slightly abusive. I kind of understand what you're trying to do, but it's also a little fucked up that you gave yourself the authority to test substances on a developing brain.
Personally, I think you should stick with the Piracetam. It appears to be the only studied and proven effective Noot for autism/asd.
I am Autistic and have not found much to help at all. Racetams are stimulating, but not in the focused and motivated kind of way. Caffeine + L-Theanine sometimes helps with racing thoughts that can make it hard to sit down and concentrate, but not always.
I have mild aspergers. Not that experienced in nootropics but cutting out processed foods and eating a high carb low fat vegan diet with lots of fruits and vegetables has helped me a lot. Plus moderate exercise. Also mega-dosing on niacin helped my anxiety a lot when it was really severe and I'm pretty sure I must've had a bad deficiency but isn't necessary now.

Ultimately it was wanting to change though and educating my self as to how to resolve the issues I had. If my parents were to try to force these changes on me I'd probably have been very resistant, so I don't know. Not as easy I guess as taking some pills lol.
The past 3 years I've become a lot better but it's all been very gradual. There's no way I'd be able to cope with my present day-to-day life as the person I was 3 yrs ago. I really recommend niacin for anxiety, it also helped me improve my focus too. Short-term memory is just something that has gotten better for me with age, it used to be horrific but now it's probably just a bit worse than average. It sounds like I probably have a milder case than your son. Good luck!
My aspergers became easy since I use oric, it´s a vagus nerve stimulator for iPhone which stimulates your nerves naturally with music. It is amazing, my whole body awareness is so comfortable now. You can test it for free:

Probably better to first do feldenkrais/anat baniel movement method combined with proper diet (possibly ketogenic or gaps)


If you google nootropics and autism you can find so good info ,blogs and formulas for autistic kids . It may also be a good idea to look into ADD and nootropics as well as autism and ADD/ADHD commonly overlap .


 3 seems too young for noots try keto/gaps diet, high probiotics, and lots of therapy until they get older. Not sure of anything else


There are a number of studies on Piracetam and children with adhd and other disorders so assume it's safe, but I never recommend for peeps under 18


Why not go for evidenced based treatments for autism instead of attempting to use drugs to trigger in a different neural networking pattern - something which has no evidence.


Many nootropics are simply isolated or modified nutrients. If intelligently selected they may hold great promise for spectrum disorders, however this is a very slippery slope, which is why i recommended the 2 pillars of health: movement and nutrition. Of course even these 2 are massively complex but there is tons of evidence in their favor to nudge neurobiochemistry in healthy directions.

there's quite a few self righteous idiots commenting here. Studies prove nothing when industry bribes scientists to say what the want them to for greater profit. Try adaptogens like Lion's Mane Mushrooms etc. Racetams don't have a lot of studies and doctors will always push their agenda, but I know for a fact that they work, at least for me. Experimentation is key. Psilocybin studies are amazing, medical marijuana as well...
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All Racetam bases may work
Try Penylpiracetam,Carphedon,Phenotropil,Piracetam.
No secondary effects.

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