my best friend growing up is an alcoholic and he's recently had a bad relapse (he was sober for almost 5 months). It's getting scary, and I'm worried he's going to keep getting worse. Since abuse and addiction issues are a frequent topic in here, I was wondering if there are any nootropics, drugs (prescription or not), or foreign pharmaceuticals that you guys know of that are helpful with alcohol dependency? My concern is that at this point he's caused severe trauma to his brain and combined with the guilt, shame and embarrassment---and stress!---he's really in a bad spot and if there are some drugs (ideally non-habit forming ones) that can help heal his brain, I want to figure out a way for his doctors and therapists to at least be aware of them and possibly consider prescribing them for him.
He has pretty severe depression, and he is wary of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, but I'm not sure if he's wary of them because he's mixed them with alcohol in the past. I'm of the opinion that he really needs to focus on building relationships, staying physically active, and forgiving himself, but there are a lot of other things at play here, too. Any advice or experiences members would like to share?
There's the anti-alcohol drug .... I can't remember what it is, But I can suggest Emoxypine it's got alcohol damage reversing properties as well as reduces alcohol cravings.
Barbiturates can help WD alcohol dependency.
They can be addictive, you'll need a prescription though.
I would suggest Phenibut for the Gaba feels, but if he's already an addict that may not be a good idea.

I do know that when I started taking Emoxpine it killed my constant feelings of GOD I need a drink. I helps modulate Gaba levels it's an Antioxidant as well. If you want some has capsules.

I may be getting a bulk of it soon just not sure if it's a bulk order that I want to keep or if I'll be getting more to sell.
Kratom played a big part in my reduction in alcoholic tendencies as well
Kratom is another good one. It doesn't have strong anticonvulsant properties though.
You can take it with something like a barbiturate though.
I'd recommend a green and red mix of kratom.
Baclofen was used to trest alcoholism.
Also alot of people end up using kratom to quit s whole rsnge of substances including alcohol
Was his relapse only one time? Will he withdrawl again? He may not go through withdrawal if he only drank a short while.. But a doxtor will prescribe valium to beat the shakes and seizures... And kratom will help immensly with cravings and depression... People who take nootropics to increase their intelligence end up loosing a need for alcohol in their lives.. I forget where but there was a small study showing many people who started and kept on taking noots quit drinking unintentionally
Memantine may help by easing that compulsive feeling/need to drink alcohol. Kind of smooths things out.
Memantine has helped me a TON, but you have to be careful. I read something about the efects of Mem after alcoholism intensified the withdrawls or something don't remember for sure

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