What do you find helpful for irritability, besides getting high-speed internet?
Stack some things on nootropics, like rhodiola or tea
Noots wont help much here. I recommend daily regime of time release pantothenic acid 500mg to prevent adrenal fatigue, 200mg coenzyme Q10, a very good time release multi vit and mineral, actyl l carnitine with synergistic alpha lipoic acid.
Possibly ocasional moderate cannabis at night if insomnia is a problem or a glass or two at the most of red wine.
Youll still need to periodically grab some quality rest or complete change of scene like a short holiday break otherwise you're health may suffer.
L-Theanine has been shown to reduce the negative psychologically and physiologically effects of stress. It also upregulates glutimate receptor count and neurogenesis. Check it out! Hope it helps
I've heard of using sulbutiamine for mood lifting.
sulbutiamine is good for motivation but will make irritability worse
you can try theanine, lemon balm, ashwagandha (the extract, not the powdered plant as the latter did nothing to me) and relora.
Irritability gets better as you get used to Noopept btw...
...avoid cholinergic nootropics.
Mindfullness meditation, stoicism, yoga, writing.
L-theanine works pretty well for irritability.

Getting away from computers and talking a walk in the woods (if it's a possibility) may also help.
Picamilon can take the edge off irritability off acutely and make it manageable.
Ashwaghanda works pretty well for me.
Nothing, i'm butthurt for life.
Tianeptine is the only one I've experienced consistent effect with. At only 12.5mg 3x a day. It took a few days to start feeling it. Theanine works well also. Noopept pretty good as well but quickly developed tolerance.
Phenylpiracetam is supposed to decrease emotional intensity. I feel that it's helped me. I stack it with hardwork and determination. Neurons that fire together, wire together. You have to focus on creating new non-pissed pathways. :^)
is CBD/cannabis an option for your family?

One way or another what happens more often, more often, and so if you decide you want to experience the wisdom of traditional medicine, it is better to try to cure apathy stimulants, and irritability - soothing. But again, the guarantee of success in this case. So now I will be brief and ask you to regard it, as will be discussed further, but rather simply as information, rather than a doctor's recommendation.

By activating plant include the following: Manchurian Aralia, ginseng usual, devil, Rhaponticum carthamoides, Chinese magnolia vine, platanolistnaya sterkuliya, eleuterokkok scratchy and some others. You can use them with signs of severe weakness, drowsiness, lethargy, weakness, decrease in intellectual function, etc.

By calming herbal remedies include: suffrutescent amphora, drug valerian, passionflower inkarnatnaya, peony, motherwort five-blade, Stephanie smooth and some others. The use of these medicinal plants can be justified in the presence of irritability, overexertion, sleep disorders,irritability, etc.

In recent times become extremely popular nootropics biological - are drugs on the basis of the leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba tree. In asthenic conditions, they sometimes turn out to be even more effective than synthetic nootropics. Plus, the preparations of ginkgo biloba have a vascular effect, ie, not only helps the brain cells, but the vessels that supply blood to that, as you know, important.

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