What are the best nootropics for learning languages?
Regarding what to try, I get big time focus with Pram and Sunifiram.
I specifically looked at noots for application in speech delay and other speech-related issues. Noopept and phenylpiracetam were the first that came up in my searches. Later, nefiracetam popped, and theanine and carnosine. Honestly there have been claims of speech fluency, word acquistion and recall with all of the racetams, so you have to take that with a grain of salt, but some more than others.

I personally showed the most improvement in language with theanine, carnosine, nefiracetam, all tried separately. Noopept and phenylpiracetam I think helped with language simply by making me more sociable, and I'm almost autistic, if not actually autistic. But with the first three I raced through several biology, physics and philosophy of science papers and acquired new terminology faster than ever before. I also picked up some Korean phrases from my mother in law and for some reason was better able to understand her (after knowing her for ten years, I can still barely comprehend what she's saying, her accent is so thick)... and that's amazing for me ...
K Try Pimsleur's courses, they are great, you've got to have good ear and be able to repeat/memorize well, its the fastest and most efficient way to learn languages.
If Piracetam did something in a pronounced way was improving my linguistic fluency and short-term memorization.
A good teacher is ten times more valuable than any noots. I have been studying Thai language with a private teacher four times a week for two months now. After about 30 hours, I was able to speak and now I'm learning the writing system. I take piracetam and choline, I think they are helping.
Immersion. Take once a day every day for 2 years
L-theanine + caffeine helps me a LOT, but taking up the habit of learning a language takes time, it's tedious at first, but you get used to it and feel amazing when you can read it with ease.
I've had luck with Alpha GPC, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Tumeric, green tea extract, and fish oil stacked. Also look into heart rate variance in conjunction with learning.

There have been studies showing z-drugs (ambien in particular) enhanced language learning, but I'm not sure if there are any analogues or legal substances that act on the same mechanisms (still really don't know how they work, just guesses), but I'm not sure if the side effects would be worth it (very icky side effects)

I highly recommend Duolingo in conjunction with Pimmsleur if you don't have a teacher or people to use the language with. Probably tripled my language progress in German.
duolingo, memrise, language immersion, aniracetam, piracetam
speaking to other people in the language you want to learn will help you more than any noot or stimulant
also movies, tv series etc
Motivation is also a huge factor. What is your motivation for learning this language? For instance I had to learn English (by myself) when I first got internet because most of the content here is in English and because i like british music and american movies.
I never opened a single English grammar book, i just read english forums all day (but i don't recommend doing this, i keep making stupid mistakes because i don't have good grammar basics :P) and after a while i got a "feeling" for the language.
You need to find something that will get you motivated, noots alone aren't gonna cut it. I'm trying to learn Dutch atm but it's harder than English because there aren't much music, films or tv series that i can relate to.
A lot of the ESL students I worked with at uni had a better practical study of the language than most native English speakers, devil is in the details.
so instead of spending all night on the net playing games I try to put a few hours in every night and redo and redo
+ apparently Polish is the hardest language to grasp outside of the more eastern languages like Mandarin.
Anyway, with any language, you gotta learn the rules before you can break em in the right way
I would suggest something that is not a nootropic but a mind enhancer very powerful for that, called Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) I am a polyglottal myself, I speak 8 languages and that is no better stuff than tDCS for that matter, I did try a couple of nootropics just to have the taste of artificial drugs on my system.
Language learning is a difficult subject to recommend effective chemicals for. Transcranial direct current stimulation has been successful in both those with disabilities and people with higher functions, like those who speak 8 languages. Instead of making a recommendation that might not be suitable for every person in every circumstance I will share that Myelin, a fatty acid compound composed both Omega fatty acids and phosphatidylserine is commonly regarded as the information medium on which memory is stored. Both readily available nutritional supplements have notable affects at reducing the blood-bound concentrations of cortisol, which over time impairs memory and neuroplasticity. Nootropic language learning enhancers is a very specific request and what works best for you will depend on your personal physiology, but omega supplements and phosphatidyl-serine are good for everyone, just do your research.
You can also take combination of nootropics which help you conceptualize what you're learning so it sticks better. Attach the meaning of each word to the English counterpart and envision it in the most creative way you can... It will stick better as well
PRL will work for the Russian learning, just be sure to not overuse it.
Somebody used to tell me they used Vassopressin as a nasal spray to do it. Dunno where he got the idea.
Oxiracetam primarily. Rhodiola for attention span. Beyond that use what works.
Not language acquisition, but I've had to scurry through some learning modules at work and Oxiracetam has helped a lot. And that's stacked with Noopept.
I've been using racetams for about 3 years on and off. (Mostly on though). Oxi, Noopept and Alpha GPC are what I find most effective. Noopept definitely being the strongest though They don't seem to trigger any SUPER LEARNING necessarily though that could increase the focus required to learn this. They seem to enhance my energy, focus, vocabulary and word fluency, although learning speed... not sure to what extent the race tams have helped.
I use Duolingo a lot and speak multiple languages. A strong cup of tea with MCT oil, piracetam, and low dose dexedrine.
I am a spelling, punctuation, and sentence construction nazi! I read a lot of political and economic articles. It's funny, there are so many more people that follow right political parties that bring out my nazi than there are in the traditional left leaning parties.
Sodium valproate is an anti epileptic medication. Not sure how this would improve language skills. English is a tough language to learn as it is an amalgamation of multiple other languages, predominately a medieval German dialect. The thing to do is read a lot, and read out loud in your best and most exaggerated impression of the accent you like in your chosen language.
As for nootropics, I think racetams that facilitate memory, and modafinil that improves focus. Personally my racetam experience has been somewhat lacklustre but the moda is king.
I recommend dexedrine and a piracetam stack. Piracetam helps with brain plasticity. Also, use Duolingo. Add me on there: MS_Genius88
I haven't tried PRL-8-53 for learning a language, but at least for me it provides a short increase in memory useful for cramming before exams. I don't really think I retain more information after the effects wear off.
prl-8.53 is absolutely the best thing I've ever found for memory, phenylpiracetam and fasoracetam for general cognitive functioning.
Noopept improved my Spanish rapidly, racetams would probably have a similar effect. Noopept increases NGF and BDNF helping you to create new memories in a shorter time and to strengthen them.
Aniracetam is supposed to help LTP
GDP choline
Propranolol for stage fright
Do not overdose cholinergics
Oxiracetam is awesome! But it's more for logical processing. The racetams are kind of a trial and error process. I would recommend getting a sample pack(nootropics depot has them) and testing all of them

I've been experimenting in learning two new languages at the same time while taking the amazing nootropic herb, bacopa. I'm astounded at my new speed of learning. In less than four hours of study, I've shaved more than a month off the projected fluency date. If you ever wanted to improve your mental comprehension and memory, this herb is for you!!!


The effects probably won't be noticeable for weeks. Bacopa and lion's mane are great for the long term. I get powerful immediate effects from many racetams. Pramiracetam/Aniracetam stack is great for language learning, at least that's what works for me.


I've been experimenting in learning two new languages at the same time while taking the amazing nootropic herb, bacopa. I'm astounded at my new speed of learning. In less than four hours of study, I've shaved more than a month off the projected fluency date. If you ever wanted to improve your mental comprehension and memory, this herb is for you!!!

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