In your experience, do any nootropics increasing libido + or - ?
Increased libido with Deprenyl makes sense, Pramipexole will get you eager. First time I've heard of Modafinal yielding an aphrodisiac effect.
Nootropics: horny goat weed, Gingko, Ginseng, Yohimbine HCL, Green tea extract, ginger extract, Maca Root, Selegiline, Garlic pills,Arginine, Citrulline etc would help i think
Ash has been great for my libido
So take Maca to get higher libido, then take Tribulus to get even higher libido and feel like punching someone, then take Ashwagandha to get even higher higher libido and don't feel like punching someone anymore... got it!
tribulus doesnt increase testosterone, but it has some libido effects. never seen anything substantiated about aggression with this nootropic.
I'm on week 2 of noopept and I found my libido much higher than normal. I'm a horny piece of shit now for some reason.
In general for supplements, B12, B6, general Bs, zinc, Iron if you're low, caffeine might (intensity/alertness) or might constrict blood vessels.
Depends on the source of the low libido and if it's having distance from your partner or a lack of adrenaline/newness/risk/potential for loss/something interesting you can learn together. You could be using too many noots/too few or too many calories. You could be sleep deprived.

 Cordyceps,he shou wu,chaga,eggs, b vitsmins,exercise, apc-choline, caynnepepper,ashwanganda,mucuna,watermelon juice,cold showers,shilajit,creatine,acetyl-l carnanitine


 I just personally opt for "all natural" substances - not to say that testosterone is unnatural in some way, but just in my experience I feel like administering something of that strength would be excessive for me, especially since I'm only 29 and my T levels are not particularly low


High dose sulbutiamine. 

Cabergoline <-- Back to being a teenager. 

* Shortened refractory period. Sometimes you don't need even a 10 second pause after finishing. You just can keep going.

* Increased intensity and duration of climax. 

However, that much desire can be uncomfortable and distracting depending on the context. Another bonus is that the dopaminergic agonism has some motivational properties for me. -ADHD, too- Last dose, after waking up from some intense sexual dreams, I finally cleaned and arranged the nootropic/medicine cabinet, bought a water purifier and tackled other stuff I've been putting off. 



White turmeric 



Pycnogenol + L Arginine ("The Hardness Factor") 

Yellow Maca (I haven't tried the other types) 

Organic advanced magnesium 

Organic spirulina 

Organic soy milk

For the record, increasing only testosterone is a superficial strategy; estrogen is also involved in sex drive.


Moclo... Boners are actuslly frustrating they come on so often for no reason and are extremely hard like when i first figured out what to do with my caaack... Same for my chick.. Lady bonnerssss


 Moclobemide... Maoi... With none of the bad side effects.. It actually has a huge effect on increasing libido


I have almost every natural aphrodisiac there is in my herb cabinet. I have also noticed a life long tendancy for lower than average/normal hormone levels. ALL Dopaminergics are Mental Aphrodisiacs that encourage sexual thoughts and desires. My favourite being Blue Lotus. In high volume experiments for other reasons, it got to the point where there was no mental relief even after orgasm and even though physically there was no response by penis the thought to keep going wouldnt stop for hours. moral of the story. your sexual experience and Aphrodisiacs are inherently multifacetted. if you only hype one factor it will fuck you up more. you need to maintain a well rounded balance of all these molecules or it just wont work out for you. All those Specific Testosterone Boosters all lead to estrogen dominance. unless controlled for. best part about aphrodisiacs is how I was first interested in brain biology and brain tonics and then much later got into athlete biology and tonics then started to notice the cross over.

Everythign that is good for atheltes makes you smarter. Then as noted I looked into aphrodisiacs and noticed that they are all Athelte Tonics and Super Brain Tonics. Its the context of the person with something out of wack. pretty much all NOOTS are Aphrodisiacs and so are all Parkinsons Meds and all stimulants and athlete meal plans are all Smart Aphrodisiacs


Maca does the same for me^ so do Tongkat Ali extracts. Feels like I keep mentioning these two, but there have been a lot of libido posts lately, and these supps actually work, quickly at that.


I've been taking yohimbe 2-3 x a day 15-30 drops libido is definitely responding and I'm getting more brolic from it too


Nootropics usually do not have very strong affect on androgen receptors, only weakly affects dopamine, so the libidio enhancing effects will be limited. Modafinil can have it some extent as all stimulants that affect dopamine. Kava kava also does it. Things like tribulus also works. Maca too. Yohimbe can increase sensitivity but not really libido much, its an adrenergic medicine. For pharmaceuticals there are many options, but then you would be moving over into dopamine agonists or androgens. If you take the "right" stuff you can go into a hypersexual state. but that is not always a good thing. It becomes very addictive, as pleasure is reinforced a lot, orgasms stronger,etc. People have developed weird things like zoophilia and gambling addictions on dopamine agonists.


No, none I know of - any libido suppressors would be anomalous for this class of drugs. Some nootropics boost seratonin/dopamine, some are vasodilators and some are even common in the sexual performance/functioning crowd.

Noopept can supposedly enhance climaxes (esp. with weed) and the various psychotropic effects of different nootropics may improve senses/mood/perception/appreciation and so on


noticed some connection with libido and phenylp


As for nootropic purposes as well, I've found Selegiline to increase libido and attraction to girls. But some anecdotal evidences say that goes away after a while. It has a high safety profile but research before you consider it.

Other than that, lots of cardiovascular exercise. Get some blood test, check your hormone levels, maybe consider TRT if needed and your levels are bad.

Also it'd be a lot easier to help if you posted your full nootropic stack/regime


not as strong as 5 mg Selegiline,but u can try this stack: 3gr maca/500mg tribulus,500 unid VIT D,400 unid VIT E,15-30gr zink(actually this is most used for blood irrigation but there's some líbido boost along with it).


Horny Goat Weed is very good for this. Make a tea or infuse into an alcohol tincture. Rhodiola Rosea is also excellent. Horny goat weed works in an hour or so. RR takes a week if you take 500 mg twice a day.


The only thing I know of is PT-141 You don't consider emotional awareness part of the mind. We even measure emotional intelligence.


Found this

" Piracetam is recommended to be taken with a choline supplement mainly because of the ability of choline to increase the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is depleted with the intake of Piracetam. With this in mind, we can understand the effect that this combo has when it comes to libido.

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine plays a vital role in sexual arousal and carries the sexual message from the brain to the genital organs. Studies have shown the importance that cholinergic nerve transmission plays in sexual responses. Generally speaking, little acetylcholine results in decreased libido and increased acetylcholine increases libido.

In women, acetylcholine plays a vital role in the build-up toward orgasm and also the contractions that occur during orgasm. For men, the neurotransmitter carries the message from the brain down to the penis, causing it to relax and become engorged with blood.

With the understanding of how the neurotransmitter acetylcholine affects sexual drive, one can determine how the piracetam and choline combo can have an effect on libido. According to users, an increase in libido was experienced. Some claim that the ability for the combo to enhance ones’ cognition had a sexually enhancing effect on those who found intellectual exchange arousing.

When taken alone, choline is recognized for its aphrodisiac qualities because of its ability to increase the levels of acetylcholine in the body which in turn increases sexual drive. Users recommend taking choline and B-5 about 20-30 minutes before sex. Piracetam on the other hand when taken alone has shown to reduce libido because it consumes the acetylcholine in the blood at a fast rate


What about starting off with some simple stuff? L-tyrosine to boost dopamine, and reservatrol to balance it. And transdermal magnesium for muscle relaxation and energy production. Perhaps some taurine for increased blood flow. If you need a stronger periodical boost, then mix in some l theanine and caffeine.


Yohimbe is touted for males, but I notice an increase in drive and satisfaction when taking it. I started taking it for the energy and noticed the "side effect" leading me to discover (for me anyway) it's effective for women too.


You could try DHEA for a while (hormone). Just be careful because you're young and it may screw your hormonal balance. It helped me some years ago but then I saw that my problem was the relationship itself. I smoke damiana herb (people do tea also) to relax and it increases sex drive. good luck!


Maca root powder is amazing for the libido.


THC Oil as a lubricant has been said to be an afrodisiac for women. I don't get why we can't discuss the idea of using nootropic to boost libido. Good luck. After kids and familiarity lack of sex can make many couple flatline.


If it is to boost libido in female then use Bacopa, it will increase seratonin which is important for female libido; that's how the female "viagra" works. There's also saw palmetto, which increases test by inhibiting DHT, and women who use natural supps to increase their breast size use to counter act drop in libido. Look in forums for women talking about their experiences with these supps.


Muira puama. It has to be extracted at high heat in ethanol for at least twenty minutes though. If you take it without extracting it won't work. You can do it yourself or try to find an extract not a bulk form. I extract it myself and it works great. For some reason I can find the study I wanted to link but just Google it and you'll find plenty of info.


I don't know if this would effect women, but when I was cycling Maca for the first time, I felt a tremendous increase in libido.


Wellbutrin is said to help.

Increased testosterone can be helpful for a woman. But you have to be cautious. Most are geared to men, via LH. But LH doesn’t increase testosterone in women.


Along with the capsules that contain a variety of the usual libido enhancing suspects, compounded from trusted supp. companies, arginine does a nice job for me. Gram amounts (12 gm/day, for me). It's one of the few things that work as well for women as for men. (Before someone calls it off topic, arginine does have nootropic properties.) Yohimbine HCL is said to work for some women. I have set yohimbine aside because the erection is good but the volume of ejaculate is less and that equals a lessening of pleasure for me. L Arginine wins in both areas. As far as the criticisms of some of the comments goes, I think that it isn't beyond the variety expected from this number of responses and none are outrageous. I read them all and got a couple good ideas for my next visit to Mr. Google's neighborhood.


The biggest factors for a normal young person is sleep, diet, and stress. Basically, stay anabolic, which means positive nitrogen balance, muscle-building. Avoid stress and working out too much, sleep as much as you need, eat enough healthy fat to keep your testosterone up and enough calories to stay anabolic without too many calories which will mess up your hormones.

The only supplements I have ever taken that seemed to have some effect was glutamine and arginine. Glutamine helped recovery from stress and workouts, and arginine improved vascularity and blood flow throughout the body. Intermittent fasting actually helped alot too because you get an extra testosterone boost when you resume adequate caloric intake. Phenibut had a strange powerful effect but only once, then the magic was all gone, but perhaps someone knows how to keep it.


Yohimbine and mucuna pruriens worked for my lady.


Yohimbine Hydrochloride. Or Dopaminergics such as Mirapex potent dopaminergic used for the jimmy legs or parkinsons disease, spike the libido. I'm amazed it's not prescribed off label for sexual dysfunction due to ssri's in Australia. The anticholinergic drug Dicycloverine used for IBS will rapidly spike it probably more in men at a certain dose. But the concern with anticholinergics is their is a fine line between the right dose and delirious madness.


There is an Amazonian tree bark called muira puama that is effective. You must boil it or make an alcoholic tincture for it to release the effective substances. I have found it and the herb damiana to work. Damiana i found only worked when i simmered the herb for 10-15 mins and drank it each day. Muira puams seemed to have an effect sooner. I believe in your case, as i suspect you might too, that the biggest benefit would be to chill out a bit as this can become a vicious cycle. Taking viagra or any other aphrodisiac may be effective mechanically but won't provide a sustainable solution. Sexuality has so many aspects. But for men it can be a big warning sign for many health conditions, a check up on yr blood pressure and some blood tests to check yr levels especially being vegan, couldn't hurt.


for your uses, you can try catuaba herb, it have good effects for sexual, libido and aphrodisiac, a lite nootropic effect in memory and relax, chill for insomnia, but improve exhaustion and fatigue too, having low or no side effects in recommended doses. Here in my country is very popular.


Maca Root (500mg at 5:1) is a proven libido enhancer. Also, Phenibut, in small doses (500mg, 4 hours before you meet with your partner) is a libido enhancer. If you want to go down the research chem route, a low dose 4-fa is your best bet. But, yep, maca root is your main one, here.


I take l-dopa w 5omg of DHEA every day I work or work out. I take every 4th week off to even things out. Also yes I rage sometime on it but mainly when I'm not doing much that day. The key is to be active one it. AS MUCH AS IS POSSIBLE. Work out, ride a bike, take a walk to go get coffee. That initial jacked up feeling tapers off at about a week. Diet, hydration and hygiene are all key. Avoid red meats and T-boosting foods if taking DHEA


Testosterone. If you want legal/natural things, then minerals and vitamins - especially zinc, healthy fats and you can supplement with d-aspartic acid. 

Also resistance training and good/deep sleep helps a lot.


Depends on the situation. Are you experiencing a hormonal imbalance or are you trying to for e your body to be sexually into someone or something you are not enthusiastic about? One being chemical and the other psychological.


Maca root, ginseng and also ashwagandha. They are adaptogens. They increase sex hormones and dilate blood vessels and its unmistakable the effect they have on libido.


Best boosters are Testosterone and hCG. Melanotan-2 or PT-141. Few things can compare with the effects of these but Dopaminergics are also good like selegiline, dopamine agonists etc and naturals like tongkat ali.


 Catuaba for desire, yohimbe for endurance. Luzea for delicious hormones and that testosterone confidence and craving. Each has its own unique property, each leading to the same result. Taking all three will have you up and down multiple times a day, even if you are a one and done type of guy normally!

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