I never use a NOOtropic before. Please I need your advice,
I want something for help study, increase concentration,
perform short/ long term memory.
I study to 10-12 hours at day .
Any suggestion?
There is no one size fits all solution. You can either use one of the pre-made stacks or build your own. The good pre-made stacks are easy but kinda expensive and they will never be as good as one that you build. To build your own it takes some time but you will get better results.
If you want to try pre-made stacks my favorite was TruBrain. It's a good product and worked well for me but a few of my friends got no effect from it. If you are going to make your own stack then I would start with the basic amino acids, choline source and cycle through the racetams. It took me a few hundred dollars and a few months to optimize my stack but it was worth it. Theres also a company that will send out sample stacks to test that could save time and money.
I've tried many, the best so far for me as far as focus and study has been phenylpiracetam. You have to cycle your use though so that can be a downfall for some. Noopept was great for daily use for me but didn't give me the kick that phenylpiracetam does as once it kicks in I'm ready to slay the day.
Coluracetam and Prl853 is a good combo
Besides PRL-853, for which delivery you probably would wait - you can also try L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine, PQQ, Panax Ginseng, Lion's Mane, creatine and coffee+l-theanine combo, which are easy to get in many supplement stores.
Glutaminergics are great for memory and learning, as are cholinergics, but those have greater risks associated with them; glutaminergics were developed to treat TBI, cholinergics for dementia. Dopaminergics are great for focus, but can develop tolerance rapidly if abused; the _afinil series is pretty good for this, and in regards to safety profile is superior to amphetamines and/or methylphenidate.

Anxiety can also lead to loss of focus, so make sure to de-stress effectively. Meditation, a cup of tea, picking up some sort of repetitive craft, regular exercise etc. have all been demonstrated to reduce stress. As a grad student, I'd be surprised if stress wasn't your biggest hurdle. If you've made it this far, you're clearly smart enough. YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
5-HTP probably isn't all too sustainable, and won't really help you reach your goals. ALCAR probably isn't necessary if you're already taking Alpha GPC. St John's Wort also likely won't help with those goals. In terms of focus, a lot of people have a good time with phenylpiracetam and modafinil, both of which have the same dominant mechanism of action. Phenylpiracetam has a shorter half-life, so modafinil might be right for you (if it doesn't have any legality issues with you being a pilot and all, it's unscheduled by usually Rx only in the states, but you can buy it online from India, etc). Memory - google Bacopa, Semax, and Huperzine A, and decide which of those is right for you. Bacopa is the most mild and will probably take the least amount of research and cycling, and also is the one with the most research - you just take it daily. Semax and Huperzine have more complex scheduling issues, but can be useful.
I will cosign with pretty much all of the above stated (I do take multi-vitamins though). If I were you I'd look into Aniracetam for either supplementing and/or replacing your piracetam, seeing as it takes less and can easily be phased in as your supply of piracetam is depleted. I like Huperzine and especially vinpocetine for their ability to increase bloodflow to the brain (complements AlphaGPC synergistically from a BP stand-point). Phenylpiracetam is awesome, and while it does have a shorter halflife, that can be leveraged by using it in the role of a "PRN-Noot". I use B-Complex/Phenylpiracetam/Noopept for a quick onset shorter duration boost
If you want to improve long term memory, you should look at what you can do to improve your sleep. Melatonin and black out shades. Your brain organizes memories during REM sleep. Doesn't matter what noots you take if you get piss poor sleep.
Bacopa is supposed to enhance memory, haven't tested it though, btw, I'm atotal noob to this nootropic stuff.
Huperzine A for long term
Most nootropics are very subtle. Some people react well to them though whereas other don't get any reaction. It is wise to start out with things like piracetam, aniracetam, Noopept, Pramiracetam, and phenylpiracetam but once you've tested the waters you can stray into the more advanced territory with things like selegiline
A couple words of caution: Noopept may cause some working memory lapses at first. It's fantastic for memory, but three weeks isn't a long time out from your exam.

It took me a month to get my dosing right with Bromantane. It made me sleepy at first and with low doses. It's a great anxiolytic Noot, but requires patience to make it work in a stack. I found 100 mg to be a good dose in my stacks with energizing Noots.

Coluracetam: 10 mg
PRL: 10 mg
Alpha GPC: 300 mg
Is a great stack. But I've never taken it for 3 weeks in a row, just used it 1-3x a week.

Aniracetam stacks well with everything, it's redundant to use it with Colur though. They are very similar IMO, Colur slightly more energizing.

If you bought an additional Noot, I would recommend Oxiracetam or Pramiracetam.

Ani: 350 mg
Oxi: 700-1000 mg
Alpha GPC: 300 mg

Or substitute Prami for Oxi at 300 mg.

Theanine goes well with everything. I take 200 mg for daytime and if I can't sleep bump it up at night to 400.
I also stack Noopept with Coluracetam and PRL on school days and find they all work very well together. I agree that Oxiracetam is excellent for processing numbers, but as a 3D artist and animator, it's not as useful for me as it would be for you with Calc III and Chem II, so I don't really use it anymore. It definitely works though, so like they said, have some more choline ready. I prefer Alpha GPC, but if you're building a stack from powders, I recommend getting 50% instead of 99% because the latter gets really sticky. L-Theanine is a perfect addition because it will take the edge off any of your other stimulating noots, even PRL and Colu. Andrew Skinner For memory tricks during tests, I like to use smell or taste for recall, as both have strong mnemonic effects. Using a unique-smelling spray or candle while studying, or chewing unique flavor of gum, can help your brain retrieve that information more quickly if you use it again during the test.
Noopept is the most cost-effective Nootropic around, especially for memory. Quite honestly I'd pay more considering the benefits, but don't tell vendors that.

I stack Noopept, Piracetam, and AGPC regularly.

Theanine I have to be careful with bc using it too often or too much can make me slightly depressed and tired. I generally save it for bedtime a few days a week.
Writing in your spare time will encourage your brain to remember more facts. Like all your skills, you must develop your memory. Just be patient, strive to do a little better every day instead of perfect all at once. Stress will impede your progress
Try huperzine and l-tyrosine.
huperzine enhances memory. I performed well on the Cambridge Brain Sciences memory subtests after taking it. L-tyrosine increases concentration and overall cognition.
Bacopa, Ginkgo biloba, Magnesium Threonate and Glycinate, Chaga, eggs, fish, MCT oil, Turmeric, Green Tea, meditation, grassfed butter, almonds, walnuts, L-Dopa
This may sound kind of dumb and out of place in a forum full of powerful nootropic agents. But, simple green tea extract (Matcha) and Chamomile tea has been a stable of my stack when I choose to abstain from racetams for a while. And they work like a charm considering it's not a lot to buy and it's easy to source. Although, obviously adding nootropics alongside these badboys potentiate the effects. But if i'm reallly struggling for dosh, these are going to be my permanent staples.

Tea drinking for lyf.
dont forget adaptogens like ashwagandha, ginseng, shisandra, ginger, rhodiola, etc, that will help you deal with stress, as stress has negative effects on memory and cognitive behavior.
I have heard that cross word puzzles and juggling are really good at memory too- you may want to add those to your stacks ; )
The most basic nootropic stack for thay sort of thing is Piracetam, Alpha GPC and Aniracetam. You could also use Noopept in place of the Aniracetam. There are many others that could help, but that's a good place to start
High quality Bacopa & Krill Oil are great memory boosters.
All nootropics long term cause oxidative stress which hampers memory etc tbh you need to stop focusing on the fact that you have short term memory loss. Once you forget about it your brain will reset and your memory will back
The only nootropics I have noticed that enhance memory are Noopept and Huperzine A. Noopept stops working after 2-3 days for me and its just unsustainable, making my memory worse temporarily as I cycle off. Huperzine A is a not as intense acutely but it has a longer half life and is also an NMDA antagonist. I've been able to take it for weeks at a time without any drop in the effects. Recollection of information is easier and it also enhanced my speech fluidity something which I have not noticed from any other nootropic except maybe moderate doses of Phenibut.
Only side effects were mild stomach upset for first few doses.
Huperzine A is only for short term memory
Lion's Mane mushroom is my suggestion
Prior to taking Lions Mane I was having notable issues with short term memory - at times in the shower I would forget if I had washed my hair or not, I would misplace things easily, etc. After having taken Lions Mane for a few weeks, these are no longer problems that I face daily. This is, in my view, most likely due to the ability of Lions Mane to increase Nerve Growth Factor levels in the brain.

For those who have trouble with their memory, particularly short-term memory, I would recommend this substance.
Modafinil, a drug prescribed for narcolepsy, has been shown to increase memory and i.q. slightly by non-narcoleptics who take it. But you need a prescription for it.
Definitely recommending Phenylpiracetam for energy, focus and memory, try tianeptine for mood. Do a bit of research on each to be sure you want to try them, but i think they would suit your purposes. You might also try Phenibut instead of tianeptine, it does great for a lot of people.
- a diary - morningcoffe' & the book - writing & memory what u did the day before... stupid tings money spent aprox. and were u were at what time - -desiding what to do yr next day ( 3 /4 tings and next evening end of the day ask yrself did u do it - & why not ( this without any regret or punishment... sport not for competition but for movementcreating energy - someting u like in sport - could be taking the bike tu the shop instead of the car - ( as for me I never used any ting for memory - but a lot for escape my situation temporary - recreational & prescription....
My experience with fasoracetam is that it helps considerably when trying to commit complex things to memory, it is calming and makes it easier to focus but at the same time it seems to somewhat promote wakefulness. Even though the levels in your bloodstream peak in about 1-1/2 hours, if I take it after 10AM, I will have a hard time getting to sleep by midnight. I also take piracetam but with relatively lesser cognitive benefits. My reason for taking piracetam is tinnitus and hearing. It has substantially attenuated my tinnitus, I'd guess by around 30db, sometimes entirely, and at the same time boosted my hearing considerably in the 8khz-17khz range where it used to be non-existent.
I've tried bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rose to some benefit. Some high grade fish oil. Look into the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting. Most importantly though, train the memory. The brain is very much like a muscle. Oh, also exercise is gigantic in terms to mental sharpness
and correct sleep patterns to get ideal rest
Rhodiola is a neglected adaptogen which improves memory, mood (including reducing stress), eyesight and immune function. CoQ10 also improves cerebral blood flow and energy for the body overall.
Prozac has been documented to actually improve memory and intelligence, but not good for sex, causes it to be difficult to reach orgasm, and that effect persists for years after being on it, been there, done that.
coluracetam helps alot. better than anything i have tried. Semax works good too.
Janghu Look into bacopa mate. You will find tons of research online... But it takes about 12 weeks to start showing real improvements in both long and short term memory.
Piracetam + choline + l-theanine + adderall/dexedrine was very effective for me in university. I remember studying before exams, reading over notes 2x each. and i actually had total photo recall the next day, i could picture my sheets of notes perfectly and remembered very well.
Noopept and PRL-8-53 are great.

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