Best nootropic for high level math and physics ? I need to ace engineering again...
I had a lot of success with noopept last year, as well as prami.

I'm about to order some noopept, anyone else have any suggestions to increase brain speed and processing?
Centrophenoxine seems to increase noopepts efficiency for me. Something to consider.

Also, occasional use of nicotine gum may help.
Caffeine and theanine is a good combination for study as well but trial it first to make sure you don't get slower from it (like I and some others do).
Noopept, Oxi, Ani and Centrophenoxine were a good combo for me.
ive tried noopept oxi ,pram lions mane rhodiola= sunifiram is stronger it helps me multitask on some level , increased concentration , increased socialization tryed mega dosing dont try i had a couple of days horrible after
Phenylpiracetam. Also anything BDNF and promotes HOT
Oxiracetam for anything math.
I personally once again like piracetam, it builds up in your system and is the original nootropic.
Matharacetam for me.. I tried noophys and it was a quantum failure
nuvigil helped me with math. adderall/ritalin/etc just made me rush through everything without grasping it. astrophysics major.
schrödingerectam is also good, but it only sometimes works
Don't listen to those guys they are just trying to be cool, any of the racetams; piracetam, oxiracetam, phenylpiracetam, etc. Also diet and exercise are your best bets for over all cognition.

For exacts like mathematics, physics and other high processing power, just before test... a good section of Tdcs @ Fp1 Fp2

Noopept alpha GPC huperzine

Oxiracetam for anything mathematics related

Caffeine, Modafinil, phenylpiracetam, unifiram, or sulbutiamine, in that order.
Arithmetic calc its where drugs that affect specially front cortex (stims) and racetamstogether shine. Possible stack - phenylpiracetam, piracetam, cdp choline, phosphatidylserine, vinpocetine, modafinil/amphetamines, b vitamins, possibly hydergine, depends on your genes. Some ashwaganda with theanine if prone to tension/anxiety.
I havent tried yet coloracetam, prl 8 53, fasoracetam but they look very promising on paper.
Katie spot on - a great lawyer knows better the judge than the laws. Dont try new noots on the interview try in social settings friends and other random evaluationa. getbenzos or a beta blocker if still wanna risk, saved my ass before not panaceas for anxiety.
Noopept's half life is irrelevant to it's effect since it signals an endogenous nootropic hormone to be signalled like crazy for 30 mins and it takes most of the day for that gland to release it. It also works better long term with other noots for synergy. I started off with 10mg Noopept, 12.5mg Tianepting, 250mg ALCAR, Bacopa 50%, Agmatine, Taurine, 5mg Vinpocetine with 100mg theanine and pikamilon in coffee 5 days on 2 days off for about 3-4 months with fantastic results.
Oxiracetam has a reputation for helping with math ability but from what I remember it has a shorter half life. I recommend Phenylpiracetam and Alpha GPC50%. Maybe stack on some noopepept on top of that but to be fair my body has a high demand for stimulants.
Adrafinil works wonders for me but I find that I have to increment the frequency of the dosage a bit. I recommend it if your issue is with energy and motivation.

PRL-8-53 does help with math or physics primarily.

I have bought oxiracetam, sulbutiamine and pramiracetam just to make the calc3 easy this year. Haven't noticed any on math from oxi and sulbutiamine but I have definitely noticed logical thinking from pramiracetam. It makes me go deep inside a given problem and a kind of what steps to be used to actually come up to solution.
Oxiracetam is the classic for this. It has that reputation.
Noopept is a definite as it's super cheap and will help with creating new neural pathways, aka memory and ways of thinking, although it takes a week or two for full effects. And look into adaptogens like L tyrosine and ashwagandha to help deal with stress which negatively impacts cognition. Choline is cheap too, l theanine and caffeine malate also cheap and great benefits. huperzine a is also affordable and I haven't tried piracetam but I'm sure it's good and I heard oxiracetam is good for math.
Oxiracetam for math. Always.
oxiracetam, pramiracetam. these racetams enhance logical thinking while keeping the ability to imagine which is what is needed for math skills IMO.
I use noopept and Caffeine mostly. I'll tell you I have gotten much better at calculus since I've started.

Get you self some cholin(centrophenoxine, with nooptep intransaly could be an good idea for beginner and use nooptept like 3week on 3week off But if you look for some more stronger stuff for math and physics  i would go for phenylpiracetam

Start by supplementing choline. Alpha-GPC is a great source. As for nootropics a lot of people like noopept but it doesn't work for me. I had good results years ago with aniracetam.
I use centro to help with math, but I don't have any issues with it normally, just makes it more enjoyable.
Huperzine A + CoQ10.

Huperzine A increases growth hormone and increases circulation to the brain specifically which rapidly improves working memory, the main cognitive system responsible for problem solving and decision making.

CoQ10 increases circulation, supports growth of new healthy blood vessels and optimizes mitochondrial function which results in greater energy capacity and translates to improved focus.
I have found fasoracetam very helpful in allowing me to clearly deal with complex problems.
Huperzine A
Oxiracetam + Aniracetam
Cholin source

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