Anyone tell me best nootropics for boosting mood, interest and energy motivation?
As far as preworkouts go, if you are looking for something gentle, Musclepharm Assault is what I use if I just need a little boost. Most intense preworkout there is seems to be Mr. Hyde. Be careful with that though. I took a full scoop, did twice the sets and reps in half the time and had to concentrate on not dying for few hours after. Best to take 1/4 scoop at first to judge your tolerance.
creatine, beta alanine, alcar, BCAAs, ALA, taurine, and decent meals will keep your muscles full of juice and ready to work. When I do manual labor it helps keep my capacity for it up. Combined with any of the semax variations for mood and mental energy and it's decent.
Bromantane combined with phenyl piracetam and cdp choline. Bromantane has anti anxiety properties and boots mood like an amphetamine but is a light stimulant. Combine with 100mg phenyl piracetam and 1 gram cdp choline and it will be just as good as adderal without addiction or side effects. You could add a Noopept and sunifiram spray to the stack in replacement of the Bromantane.
Aniracetam and phenibut. Trust me.
Aniracetam for sure.
Vit d3 is handy if you work indoors or don't get much daylight, like in the UK lol its what your body produces when skin is exposed to sunlight. Low d3 is known to effect mood
Mood specific: Aerobic exercise, adequate sleep, gratitude journal, tryptophan, 5-HTP, EGCG, tyrosine, phenylalanine, SAM-e, vit-D, fish oil, magnesium, St. John Wort, ashwagandha, saffron extract, zinc
Depends on the mood issue. Some of these are for depression, some for anxiety, some for general mood
Motivation and energy for enjoyable things/ childlike positive mood, energy and interest: Cerebrolysin, hydergine, tianeptine and sulbutiamine.

Mood, motivation and energy for practical stuff that needs to be done, but ranges from uninteresting to borderline torture boring: Pyritinol, Semax, Bromantane and Intranasal Insulin.
Kratom can greatly help this. You'll want to try a couple strains.
The main ones are red, white, and green.
Red is the most sedating of them all.
Green is more stimulating, and mood enhancing.
White is the best for energy.

Start slow on the dosage. Try mixing strains for what's needed.
Low doses are more stimulating, high doses more sedating.

Kava is natural as well, it's a GABAergic. (so it'll also help anxiety)
It can go great with kratom, especially at night to help sleep.
Use this noots. Moclobemide+ Selegiline+ tianeptine+ baclofen(night only).

I take 28-30 mg of Sulfate every day. Excellent mood enhancement, helps with muscle stiffness and IBS as well. No tolerance after many months, never felt an urge to increase the dosage. I take Agmatine AND Magnesium with it as well, which reduces tolerance and enhances the effects (likely). Also, for anyone who doesn't know: Working out and Tianeptine are synergistic. The more you move, the more you get out of the medication. It causes long term changes in neuroplasticity. It does this, in part, by preventing stress's ability to inhibit NMDA deactivation. Further, Tianeptine causes neurogenesis in the hippocampus and recent research also shows it may be able to boost mitochondria in the brain. Only side effect I get is increased hearing sensitivity. It's a CLASSIC example of a nootropic, if you ask me. The dose makes the poison.


12.5mg tianeptine sodium salt 25mg tianeptine sulfate 30mg tianeptine free acid 200mg picamilon This is with my moclobemide, memantine and Rasagiline... Seriously amazing combination and no need to dose the tianeptine again. Had a good mood boost in the beginning which tapered to anxiety relief... No high or anything. Wasn't what I was aiming for, I was trying to see if mixing the three would,produce a long lasting tianeptine with improved mood enhancement which sulfate alone does not do

Try a liquid nano particle dopamine agonist - it will significantly improve your mood. Lots of peer reviewed published articles. PM me for info. It's amazing.
Tianeptine sulfate is the most effective I have used-----great mood elevator, anxiolytic, etc.....and especially a sense of well-being......yogi, tucson desert....
5-htp I'm pretty sure will help with mood.
u could try oxiracetam, citicholine, theacrine, and l-theanine.. also I've been looking at Bromantane and the effects I read could apply. Looks like a great noot.
Tianeptine Sulfate : 50 mg : Worked very well for mood boost.
Mostly great stuff but I really would suggest cutting the 5-HTP. I can promise it's not always going to act as a mood lifter. Fish oil is a BRILLIANT "just cause", so points for that.

Now, have you actually tried stacking Piracetam and Noopept yet? They do different things but together, you get a wider spectrum of desired effects.

My daytime stack consists of:
1) Piracetam (not too much for me, though. I already have increased senses and piracetam seems to overdo it for me in the sensory area. Suddenly, I'm too light and sound sensitive and I can smell someone popping a multivitamin from a mile away. It's a fun party trick, though. Haha)
2) Aniracetam (this one is a mix of lovely. Anxiolytic by nature, nice calm energy. The best way I can describe it is that it makes me very happy to be doing whatever I'm doing as well as staying on task.)
3) Noopept (be careful not to dose noopept too high. That tends to cause brain fog. Depending on how you've been dosing it, this could be a cause of your motivation drop. Or it may not be. For me personally, I don't really get much from noopept but I appreciate it's neuroprotective properties and it's increase of neuroplasticity. Some even say it clears their acne and makes their skin feel nicer. I haven't noticed that myself but maybe eventually I will)
4) Either choline bitarate or Alpha GPC (I've found AGPC can sometimes cause my to get anxious if I've taken it a few days in a row so I alternate)
5) Picamilon (picamilon is basically just niacin and GABA that has a chemical bond. GABA needs a chemical bond with niacin to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier. But never fear, though GABA you've been taking hasn't gone to waste. There are GABA receptors elsewhere in your body)
6) Occasionally Tianeptine Sulfate as an antidepressant (I used to use the sodium version of Tianeptine but recently switched to Sulfate because it's less addictive, lasts longer, and less is needed to get the job done. It also doesn't taste as shitty as sodium. I do keep some sodium on hand for occasional mega doses if I've had a particularly bad day with back pain but I wouldn't make a habit of it)
7)Milk thistle for liver health

Sometimes I'll throw in half a dose of Phenylpiracetam but I don't really work well with others when I'm on it. So, either half the dose or, take a full dose and stay away from people and do stuff on my own.
I was taking tianeptine which helped my mood, anxiety somewhat, and not much for motivation though, noticed as side-effect marked increase in appetite, and faster HR in first weeks. Overall definitely recommend.
I've added Rhodiola back into my routine, absolutely love it. I take it in the am, go to yoga or dance lessons then hit the gym and I notice a huge increase in endurance. I feel genuinely happier as well. It's a great add on to the CBD. It also helps with the "mood lift" from kratom and I can take 2-3g and be set as opposed to my 10g dose.

Tianeptine is awesome for boosting mood and anxiety relief. I can see how people would go overboard with it, but it is not very addictive (to me). In a way it reminds me of a super weak dose of mdma. I think it may boost creativity for some as well. Last night at a jam, ideas flowed like water without getting tired.

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