Are there any nootropicss good for relaxation?
Chamomile tea and a banana
theanine, taurine, picamilon, magnesium, potassium, zinc, beta alanine, schizandrol a, valerian, lemon balm, lysine, glycine (only one on this I haven't personally tried yet) ... I wouldn't consider any of these strictly 'nootropic' but are supplements that have uses for calming. I just got some relora today but I have to wait a while before giving it a trial run.
I like Coluracetam for relaxing without feeling dull or tired.
Honestly, Colur is the first supplement of any sort that kept me from feeling like I needed/wanted a 13 years.
L theanine, Picamilon and Magnesium stack is your best bet
100mg 5-HTP, 250 mg Picamilon, 200mg L-Theanine, Magnesium....Kava is good to, but I wouldn't advise drinking much, if any alcohol within a week of any sort of kava usage
I use standardized ashwaganda at night, slightly relaxing doesn't do much else for me
Ashwaghanda, st Johns wort, kava kava, kratom, bacopa, chamomile, Valerian, look into all of those. They've all benefited me relaxation wise in one way or another.
ashwagandha, gotu kola, ginseng, ginkgo, maca.
drink tea; stinging nettle, milk thistle seeds, dandelion, burdock.
try changing your environment, take up new hobbies, yoga and breathing exercises are a great start. if all else fails you can make your own herbal smoking blends with damiana, mugwort, nettles, lavender, sage, etc!
I use to smoke a lot. I'd feel anxious if I went long without smoking. Since finding this whole Nootropics thing I've come up with a stack that helps keep anxiety down while giving me a bit of an energy kick.

Disclaimer: I ain't no scientist or doctor, so please read about each of these to make sure they are right for you.

Here's my AM stack, taken right after breakfast:

Picamilon - 50mg (gives a nice mood boost)
L-Glutamine - 350mg (is great to take with Picamilon as a GABA precursor)
Caffeine Anhydrous - 50mg (I like this over coffee, tea, and caffeine pills)
L-Theanine - 100mg (calming, counters the jitters from coffee pretty well)
Bacopa Monnieri - 275mg (stops stress before it happens)
Rhodiola Rosea - 250mg (balances the parasympathetic nervous system)
Acetyl L-Carnitine - 300mg (good to have in almost any stack)
Noopept - 20mg (great for focus, clarity, memory, learning)

Here's my PM stack taken right after lunch:

Picamilon - 75mg
L-Glutamine - 350mg
Caffeine Anhydrous - 75mg
L-Theanine - 150mg
Rhodiola Rosea - 250mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine - 300mg
Noopept - 20mg

This gives me a comfortable calm, helps reduce stress before it happens, gives me a mood boost, and some energy. Perhaps some of these items will help you out.

I've heard a lot about Ashwaganda but have yet to try it. That may be another one to think about.
Onnit New Mood is great after a particularly heavy weekend. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, helps me get to sleep if I've been caning it a bit too hard, and gives me awesome dreams.

As with all Onnit products, only problem is the price.
Kratom/tianeptine, topical magnesium/oral magnesium threonate, theanine/picamilon/phenibut, wine, Marijuana/cbd oil, carbohydrates, meditation, sunlight, 3-5g glycine, hot shower, skullcap/baicalan, gosh am i missing any lol
Magnolia bark I've taken and like the relaxing effect.
lions mane, glycine, theanine, taurinet. staggered about 15 min apart
Glycine, L-Theanine, Bacopa, and Valerian. Sometimes Phenibut.

Tianeptine. Pregabalin. CBDs. Marijuana is my daily opiate replacement therapy perfect for relaxation and it never lets me down.And for some ppl such as myself l theanine actually produces profound effects. Like a phenibut lite but cleaner and no fatigue.


For certain cramps if you take activated charcoal it works well, in m experience, to stop and prevent cramps that are not fixed by magnesium. Take activated charcoal away from nutrition when you can ... And do different magnesium ending in 'ate

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