Hi guys, do you know some nootropics to take the cortisol down?
Gotu Kola provides immediate sedation (within one to two hours). Taken every second day, it can help balance your brain chemistry and lower anxiety consistently.

CoQ10 can also help reduce the impact of stress on your heart, which it is likely to be having.

These are to an extent bandaid solutions though: they will help a lot and you'll probably feel a noticeable difference but you need to address the way you're breathing and your overall stress response by learning to observe thoughts and emotions. Heart rate variability breathing is a way of calming the nervous system through slow, deep breathing timed in way that you expel more carbon dioxide through your out breath than you breath in oxygen eg breath in 3-4 seconds; breathe out 5-6 seconds; maintain for 1 minute to start feeling a difference; ideally, dedicate at least 5 minutes uninterrupted to this each day (as breathing meditation)

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